Geo-archeology – New high-resolution 3D seismic imaging

Multidisciplinary research focused on combining modern geophysical techniques with archaeological approaches to open new fields of discovery and protect our heritage.

Key Contact: Justin Dix

The effects of coastal sediment dynamics on bone taphonomy: archaeological/forensic implications

This project aims to gain a more nuanced understanding of the effects of water transport/ submersion on human bone taphonomy and in turn assess how these processes affect the extraction and interpretation of data from bone. If skeletal tissue enters a body of water it is subjected to a number of physical, chemical and biological processes, which have the capacity to modify remains. Decoding the effects of different taphonomic agents acting on bone in aquatic environments will aid in assessing the reliability of data retrieved from submerged bone and ultimately facilitate the use of decontextualized, altered remains in future studies.

Key Contact:  Sam Griffith (PhD Student), Charlie Thompson

The Taphonomy of Historic Wreck Sites

Investigating the impact of variable marine conditions on wreck sites using a combination of bathymetric and hydrodynamic data, in conjunction with flume studies and sediment transport analyses.

Key Contact: Amelia Astley (PhD Student), Justin Dix