SCOPE Bioenergy and Sustainability Report and Policy Brief

The above document, launched at the EU Sustainable Energy Week earlier this year, is available to download here:

More than 100 experts from 24 countries contirbuted to the report, including 15 of the EU’s leading institutions. This 779 page report presents main findings and recommendations on current production, use of bioenergy and growth potential, considering such aspects as land use, feedstocks, technologies, impacts and policies.


24th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition – Amsterdam, 6-9 Jun 16

The European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE) is a world class annual event which has been held at different venues throughout Europe since 1980.

It is Europe’s largest international conference focused on biomass combining a highly-respected international scientific conference with an industrial exhibition and gathers participants from research, industry, policy and business of biomass.

With the growth of anaerobic digestion, there is ample opportunity to showcase research. Abstract submission closes 30 October 15 and further information can be found here.