AD and Biotechnology Training Courses

Here are a list of courses on anaerobic digestion and biotechnology.

Listed below are a number of courses relevant to our AD Network members

As part of the BBSRC-funded Advanced Training Partnership (ATP), Aberystwyth University (IBERS) in conjunction with Bangor University and NIAB offer a 12 week training program in AD. ATPs offer postgraduate level training to employees working in UK agri-food industries. Bursaries are available for 20-80% of the cost on a first-come-first-served basis and more information can be found here

On- Farm Anaerobic Digestion (AD) – next start date is May 2017.

This 12 week module will explore the role of anaerobic digestion (AD) as an important technology to improve the sustainability of the food production system. AD can be used to produce renewable energy, while the remaining digestates can act as a bio-fertilizer. The focus of the module is on the use of farm-scale AD to treat wastes, manures and crops. The module covers technical aspects of AD, but focusses on environmental and economic sustainability of different AD deployment options, including: choice of feedstock, alternative uses of biomethane and digestate, and indirect consequences of AD on food production, waste management and energy generation. Pertinent policies, regulations, and planning issues driving and constraining AD are considered. The application of AD in industrialised and industrialising countries will be explored. See: .

University College London run a series of modules of interest to Industrialists and Scientists. The MBI® courses are UCL-accredited short courses in bioprocessing, designed specifically for industrialists, that can be taken as stand-alone modules or can be combined for Certificate, Diploma or Masters qualifications. Examples include: Design of Experiments for Bioprocess Optimisation, Industrial Biotechnology: Biocatalysis through to Synthetic Biology, Analytical Data Analysis for the Bioprocessing Industry etc.  Take a look at what is on offer at: .

The University of Cranfield runs a course aimed at operators – Anaerobic Digestion of Waste. See: .

FERA run a number of courses, some of which may be relevant to our members (e.g. courses on Advanced Chemical Residues, Traditional Microbiology etc.) See: for details.

AquaEnviro run a number of courses directly relevant to AD practitioners. See: for details.

Abertay University has run a course on Intensive Biogas Training in the past and offers bespoke training courses if you are interested in commissioning something specialist. See:

Remember to look at our Secondment funds (see website) if you are thinking of brushing up your skills. We might be able to assist, so do contact us!

C1 Network Produces report on gas fermentation

C1 Net commissioned E4Tech to produce a report entitled “The commercial and strategic opportunity offered by gas fermentation in the UK”. The report notes that there are pre commercial plants operating in China, Taiwan, the USA and Japan, but that the UK is well positioned to take advantage of the technology because of its strong capabilities in gas fermentation, coupled with research strengths in microbiology, synthetic biology and process engineering.

The report can be downloaded here and C1 Net are happy to see as wide a distribution as possible.