Unlocking the potential of ‘green’ gas – 16 May Leeds – Register interest

Registration is now open for a free KTN event “Unlocking the potential of ‘green’ gas taking place on the 16th May in Leeds. This event will bring together industry experts, innovators, academics and policymakers to explore how we can unlock the potential of low carbon gas alternatives (hydrogen, biogas, bio syngas) to fossil fuels in energy generation, transport and as a feedstock for a chemical process. 

But how far away are these opportunities? Will the energy/transport/chemicals sectors compete for the finite supply of these gases or are there symbiotic opportunities? What innovation and policy changes are needed to ensure this potential is realised?

The event will be an opportunity to;

  • hear about regional activities and strategies for clean growth in the UK.
  • hear from leading industry experts about the challenges they face and the potential of low carbon gases across the different market areas: energy (heat and power); transport fuels; and as a chemical feedstock.
  • contribute to a panel discussion on what policy and regulatory changes are needed to realise this opportunity.
  • hear from BEIS, Innovate UK and the National Contact Points for European Funding about current funding opportunities where businesses can leverage support in this area.

Please click on the link below to register your interest. Please note, places are limited and registration on this page does not guarantee a place. We will notify you nearer the time if you have been successful in securing place.


register your interest in attending

ADBA Best Practice Scheme

ADBA have open access to their Best Practice Scheme (BPS). These checklists on Risk Management, Procurement and Operational Performance encourage operators to ask the right questions as part of their procurement processes. See: http://adbioresources.org/our-work/best-practice-scheme/best-practice-checklists/. For more information on this, as well as a great line-up of industry speakers, register to attend the ADBA National Conference.

AD Publications of Interest

The World Biogas Association provide access to a range of information ranging from current market reports to “A critical review of the VFA/TA (FOS/TAC) method”. See: http://www.worldbiogasassociation.org/ .

Keep up to date with a host of recent AD publications from the Research Group at Southampton University via their BORRG page. See:  http://www.bioenergy.soton.ac.uk/publications.htm

Who’s who. An overview of the state of AD research across Europe unsurprisingly highlights Germany as the lead for papers whilst the Technical University of Denmark stands out as the highest publishing institution. But how did the UK fare…

Technology overview of biogas production in anaerobic digestion plants: A European evaluation of research and development. Rafaela Lora Grando, et al.  Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 80: 44-53. See: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1364032117307074 .

Integration of Power to Methane in a waste water treatment plant – A feasibility study. Tim Patterson, University of South Wales et al. Bioresource Technology 245(A): 1049-1057 – December 2017. See: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0960852417315973 .

Biological methanation of CO2 in a novel biofilm plug-flow reactor: A high rate and low parasitic energy process. Savvas Savvas, University of South Wales et al. Applied Energy 202:238-247 – September 2017. See: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0306261917306748 .

A critical review of integration analysis of microbial electrosynthesis (MES) systems with waste biorefineries for the production of biofuel and chemical from reuse of CO2. Jhuma Sadhukhana, University of Surrey et al. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 56: 116-132 – April 2016

Advances towards understanding and engineering direct interspecies electron transfer in anaerobic digestion. Sajib Barua and Bipro Ranjan Dhar, University of Alberta. Bioresource Technology 244: 698-707-November 2017

Practical Digester Biology Course – 20-22 Jun 17 – Abertay University

This is a course run by the REA and IBBK in cooperation with the University of Abertay in Dundee. There is lots of group work, lab sessions and a field trip, as well as expert advice on subjects such as running a food waste/biowaste plant, mono-digestion of chicken manure and measurement methods. The course costs EUR1290 (EUR1050 for REA full members) and more information can be found here.

Jobs Opportunities – Severn Wye Energy Agency Ltd – Biogas and more

There are currently two positions available at the Severn Wye Energy Agency. The first is for a project manager in the biogas team, based within reasonable travelling distance of Llandrindod Wells – details are here: Advert PM_biogas. The second is for a Project Worker based in Gloucestershire, details here: Project Worker Advert 2017. Closing date for both jobs is 15 Jun 17.

Job Opportunity – KTP Associate Biogas Development Engineer

The successful candidate (KTP Associate) will support Greenvill Energy Ltd in conjunction with South West College, in research and design of a biogas upgrading system for small scale biogas operators without grid access. As well as overcoming the challenges of this design, the associate will also be involved in managing the build, test and commission of the plant with a view to supplying the system to similar sites.

Closing Date: Mon 10 Apr 17 @ 12 noon

Reference: KTP 52/17

Duration: 2.5 yrs

Interview: 24th April 17

For more information, please visit the South West College Website.

Nominate your best research project for the UK AD Biogas Awards 2017

This award is one of a number of awards which will be presented at the UK AD Biogas trade show gala dinner on 5 July 2017. This award will be given to any person, team, company, business, university or other entity which has carried out a research project in the last 12 months which has made a significant contribution to the AD industry. More information can be found here.

Funded PhD Scholarship on Biogas from Biomass Residues – MMU – Deadline 31 Jan 17

The aim of this PhD is to demonstrate the potential of the investigated biomass integrated biorefinery configuration to produce green compostable bioplastic (PLA) and bioenergy in the form of biogas. This is an excellent opportunity to apply the principles of oil refinery to degradable biomass in a zero-waste approach for sustainable production of value-added products and energy. More information can be found on the MMU website.

3rd International Conference on Biogas Microbiology – Wageningen 1-3 May 17

The is a chance to attend a focussed conference on the increasingly popular theme of  Biogas Microbiology. The Conference offers a common ground for bioprocess engineers and microbiologists to share their knowledge, and gives the opportunity to discuss and focus on important recent developments in biogas microbiology. Conference Themes include:

Anaerobic reactors: Waste to gas
Methane production under extreme conditions
New trends in biogas production
Novel anaerobes
Biogas from Nature
Complex anaerobic communities (SIAM sessions)

For more information, see the conference website.

Tracking Functional Microbiomes of UK Anaerobic Digesters

This 1 year project, funded by BBSRC and led by Professor Orkun Soyer at the University of Warwick, focuses on furthering our understanding of anaerobic digestion, particularly on how the complex microbial communities affect and are affected by operational conditions. Altogether, 16 UK full scale AD reactors are taking part in the project, where both genetic and meta-data are collected weekly. The large amounts of genetic data will allow us to characterise which species of microbes inhabit the digesters, what their functions are and, importantly, how they change over time. The meta-data will allow us to monitor changes in response to their environment. The datasets will be made available through the project website at http://anaerodynamics.com, funded by the AD Network. These will provide an unbiased and transparent source of information on the performance of industrial AD reactors in real time, which we hope will help to enhance and expand this technology in the UK. Enquiries can be directed to: Prof. Orkun Soyer at Warwick University.