SIFT-MS gas analyser user meeting – 2-3 Nov, Cambridge

Anatune are holding an upcoming user meeting on SIFT-MS that may be of interest to ADNet members:
ยท         2nd-3rd November (Cambridge) โ€“ SIFT-MS workshop and User Group Meeting
SIFT-MS is a comprehensive gas analyser capable of simultaneous measurement of bulk gases and trace (pptv) contaminants in gases including AD and landfill gases.

AD Network Event Roundup – Sep 17




AD Network Funding Roundup: Sep 17

The AD Network still has funding available as follows:

  • Joint AD Network/Food Waste Network BIV – ยฃ20K match funded – Closing date 9 Oct 17
  • Business Interaction Voucher (quarterly) – Closing date 30 Sep 17
  • AD Network 4th Proof of Concept call – Closing date 16 Oct 17

Other NIBB Networks still have funding calls open as follows:

  • BioCatNet: 5th POC Call – Closes 31 Oct 17
  • FoodWasteNet: BIV Call – Closes 15 Oct 17
  • HVCfP: BIV Call – Closes 22 Nov 17
  • NProNet: BIV Call – Closes 6 Oct 17
  • PhycoNet: BIV Call – Closes 15 Dec 17

Further funding opportunities include:

GCRF, see:

BBSRC, see:

There are a number of innovate opportunities, e.g. Emerging and Enabling round 3 -8th November 2017. See: