Biogas in smart energy grids

Task 37 recently published a technical brochure on “A perspective on the potential role of biogas in smart energy grids”. Increased generation of electricity from wind and solar installations is leading to challenges in terms of balancing electricity demand with supply and managing the increasing occurrences of surplus electricity. Biogas systems can facilitate increased proportions of variable renewable electricity on the electricity grid mainly through use of two different technologies: demand driven biogas systems which increase production of electricity from biogas facilities at times of high demand for electricity, or temporary storage of biogas at times of low electricity demand; and power to gas (P2G) systems when demand for electricity is less than supply of electricity to the electricity grid, allowing conversion of surplus electricity to methane.


Newton Fund UK – China – Philippines – Thailand – Vietnam joint call

The Newton Fund UK-China-Philippines-Thailand-Vietnam call for collaborative research proposals in rice research has now been launched:

One aspect of this call that may be of particular interest is “Utilisation of rice by-products” with Vietnam and the Philippines.


Please promote this to your Network members, any queries can be directed to the BBSRC Newton Fund email inbox


Please note that the deadline for applications is 4pm GMT 13 August 2015

LB Net Early Stage Career Workshop – 8-10 July 2015, Redworth Hall, Darlington

If you are in the last year of your PhD or you are a postdoctoral researcher within 3 years of completing your PhD do not miss this opportunity to engage with experts from industry and academia in the lignocellulosic biorefinery area and take part in a creativity workshop aimed at inspiring  researchers to recognise the potential for innovation and research in the area of industrial biotechnology and  lignocellulosic biomass.

Take part in this 3-day workshop, where a series of inspirational talks are planned. Participants are expected to form teams and develop innovative and competitive ideas for funding. Mentors from industry and academia will be there to support delegates. This is a great opportunity to mix with like minded researchers and be guided in how to develop creative research into competitive proposals and entrepreneurial ventures. The workshop is led by Dr Edward Green, founder of Green Biologics and Chain Biotechnology and the aim is to encourage creative and innovative thinking.

Register by completing the LB Net application form and returning it to

CBM Net Event: Engineering the membrane for improved cell factories

The use of whole-cell biocatalysts for the large scale production of biomolecules, fine chemicals and biofuels is a key theme within industrial biotechnology and bioenergy. However, cells that have been engineered for these purposes are often subject to membrane stress, leading to a loss of integrity at the cell membrane.

This event brings together stakeholders with an interest in understanding and re-engineering cell membranes to enhance the productivity of cell-based factories used in industrial biotechnology and bioenergy. More details can be found at:


BBSRC are looking to appoint suitably qualified and motivated individuals from academia, industry and other BBSRC user communities to fill a number of vacancies on our Strategy Advisory Panels, the Pool of Experts, Committee E and Follow-on-Fund Committee.

This is an opportunity to work with other highly experienced people from across the academic, public, private and civil sectors to make an important contribution to the future direction of bioscience research.

There are vacancies for:

  • Assessment Committee (pool) members
  • Strategy Panel members
    • Agriculture and Food Security Strategy Advisory Panel
    • Bioscience for Health Strategy Advisory Panel
    • Bioscience For Industry Strategy Panel
    • Bioscience for Society Strategy Panel
    • Exploiting New Ways Of Working Strategy Advisory Panel
    • Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy Strategy Advisory Panel
  • Committee E members (fellowship funding)
  • Follow-on-Fund committee members

If you know of anyone who you think would be interested in applying to this, please can you pass this information on to them.

The call is open until midnight Sunday 5th July

IEA Bioenergy Task 37 Country Reports Summary 2014

Members of Task 37 recently published an annual summary of their Country Reports for 2014. The individual country reports include information on the number of biogas plants in operation, biogas production data, biogas utilisation, number of upgrading plants, number of vehicles using biomethane as fuel, details of financial support mechanisms and some information on key national research and development projects.

Find out more here: