Free analysis – Anaerobic Digestion Science meets Industry, 10 May 16, University of Warwick

This FREE event will bring together AD users and scientists. Come and enjoy interesting talks, hear from experts on the AD process, participate in an open discussion session and hear how you can take part in our initiative to monitor AD microbiomes!

There will be talks from the following acadmics and industry people:

Prof Charles Banks – University of Southampton

Prof Tom Curtis – University of Newcastle

Prof Angus Buckling – University of Exeter

Dr Phil Hobbs – Anaerobic Analytics

Angus Browne – G’s Fresh

Bring a sample from your digester to the meeting and we will analyse it’s microbial profile for FREE!

If you are a member of the Anaerobic Digestion Network and need help with travel costs, we can provide funding of up to £100 to attend.

To REGISTER, visit