Chris Buckingham

Serious Game Design for Developing Fluency in Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding represents the disintermediation of funding for projects ranging from the arts to zoos and virtually every conceivable product/service in between. Sometimes positioned as the poster child for contemporary neo-liberal approaches to entrepreneurship, crowdfunding is often cited as breaking down traditional barriers to finance and allows deeper engagement between consumer, investor and producer.

Serious Gaming is an equally dynamic field with approaches to behavioural change applied in areas as diverse as health and well-being through to the military. Both crowdfunding and games designed for non-entertainment have been the subject of varied paradigms and methodologies in recent years with continual growth in the body of work being produced.

Blending these two areas this research seeks to design a serious game which serves to simulate the crowdfunding experience and positively impact campaign outcomes. From empowering project management looking to utilise crowdfunding with more fluency of the concept to creating stronger community bonds, the potential impact of this research is a globally relevant cultural product that has utility across all crowdfunding models.

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