Cheng-Chu Weng

Shaping Shadow: Painting in the Expanded Field

The practice-based thesis centres upon my fine art practice. I define my practice as a ‘sense’ of painting space, which is to understand painting in terms of an expanded field. The painterly compositional methods are particular be applied and developed through site-specific considerations of architectural spaces, bodies, and differing levels of consciousness when interacting in such space. The research will situate the practice within current debates of art theory and history, and within the philosophical frameworks of both post-structuralism and phenomenology. Moreover, to contributing a new perspective upon ‘Painting in the Expanded Field’, which draws back further than modern and postmodern debates, to consider the current practice in relation to painting as an act, pertaining to its ‘origin myth’ as a means of marking out both composition and signification (particularly in relation to human relationship).