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Interning at iSolutions

I’m Ian Barker, a Computer Science student moving into my third year, and I’m to be an intern at iSolutions over the summer – I believe my official title is ‘Web & Database Specialist’, though my experience in both of these puts me more at ‘novice’ than ‘specialist’.

The bulk of my work is to be on the analysis and transfer of data – including collection and transfer mechanisms, and the use of databases.
There are a couple of main projects I’ll be working on in this area:

  • Candu: A system to collaborate and present useful information held on students to their respective tutors, enabling them to easily access important details.
  • Observatory/Data Soton: These concern information that’s in the public domain, and is more about the transformation of the raw data into a meaningful resource.

Alongside these there will be multiple, smaller, side-projects of varying content and technicality.

This summer will provide me with my first real experience of working in this field – not in a mock project for my course, or as a hobby, but in an actual professional environment. This in itself is a great use of my summer, but it should also help me brush up on my technical skills – hopefully by the end of my internship I can call myself a ‘specialist’, or at least ‘competent’…


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