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AI Rabbit Holes

I’ve gone the rabbit hole of trying stuff on and it’s way too much text for social media. This is now easy to do and that’s scary.

To jazz it up I’ve added pictures created from similar search terms by MidJourney AI.

TL;DR: Chris should not be allowed AI.

Sure, here’s an example of a passage in the style of Shakespeare that is based on the Star Wars universe:

In a galaxy far, far away, where the forces of evil reign,
A young hero rises to challenge the dark side’s might.
With lightsaber in hand, and the guidance of an old mentor,
He sets out to defeat the villainous Empire and restore peace to the galaxy.

But the path to victory is fraught with danger,
And the young hero must face trials and tribulations,
Confronting Stormtroopers and Tie Fighters,
And even the infamous Darth Vader himself.

Through grit and determination, and the power of the Force,
The hero perseveres and emerges victorious,
Bringing hope to the oppressed and striking fear into the hearts of the wicked.

Thus ends the tale of the Star Wars,
A story of good versus evil, of courage and sacrifice,
A timeless classic that will live on for generations to come.

Star Wars as a beat poem:

In a galaxy far, far away,
Where the force flows strong,
A rebellion rises up
Against the Empire's rule.

With blasters and lightsabers,
The rebels fight for freedom,
Against the dark side's power,
And the might of the Death Star.

But the road to victory
Is long and hard,
Filled with danger and betrayal,
And the looming threat of Darth Vader.

Yet the rebels persevere,
With courage and determination,
And in the end, they triumph,
Bringing hope to the galaxy.

Thus ends the story of Star Wars,
A tale of rebellion and redemption,
A epic of good versus evil,
That will never be forgotten.

Star Wars in the style of Dr Suess 

In a galaxy far, far away,
Where the stars shine bright,
There's a war between good and evil,
And it's coming to a head tonight.

The Empire, with its Stormtroopers,
Is trying to take control,
But the rebels, with their X-wings,
Are fighting for their souls.

There's Luke, the young farm boy,
With a heart full of hope,
And Leia, the fearless princess,
Who can handle a blaster and a rope.

And let's not forget Han Solo,
The coolest guy in space,
With his trusty sidekick, Chewie,
They're a force to be reckoned with, face to face.

So come along, dear reader,
And join in the fun,
As the rebels fight for freedom,
Under the light of the twin suns.

In the style of a satnav:

Calculating route to destination…

Proceed forward to Mos Eisley spaceport.
Take the first left past the Cantina.
Continue straight until you reach the Millennium Falcon.

Caution: Stormtroopers ahead.

Take the first right down the alleyway.
Proceed with caution, there may be Tusken Raiders.

Arriving at destination: Millennium Falcon.

Please note: This is not a real navigation system and should not be used for actual space travel. May the Force be with you.

As Perl:

# The Original Star Wars Trilogy

# Episode IV: A New Hope

# The rebels, led by Princess Leia, are fighting against the evil Empire.
$rebels = ["Leia", "Luke", "Han", "Chewie", "R2-D2", "C-3PO"];
$empire = ["Darth Vader", "Emperor Palpatine", "Grand Moff Tarkin"];

# Luke Skywalker discovers that he is a Jedi and begins his training.
$jedi_training = 1;

# The rebels attack the Death Star and destroy it, with the help of Luke.
if ($jedi_training == 1) {
print "The rebels attack the Death Star and destroy it!\n";

# Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

# The Empire retaliates against the rebels and attacks their base on Hoth.
$base_attacked = 1;

# Luke continues his training with Yoda on Dagobah.
$jedi_training = 2;

# Han is captured by the bounty hunter Boba Fett and taken to Jabba the Hutt.
$captured = 1;

# Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

# The rebels launch a rescue mission to save Han from Jabba.
if ($captured == 1) {
print "The rebels rescue Han!\n";

# Luke confronts Darth Vader and the Emperor.
if ($jedi_training == 2) {
print "Luke defeats Darth Vader and the Emperor!\n";

# The rebels celebrate their victory over the Empire.
if ($jedi_training == 2 && $captured == 0) {
print "The rebels celebrate their victory!\n";


Here is an example of a speech about Star Wars in the style of a speech to the UK Parliament:

“Honorable members of Parliament, I rise before you today to address the matter of the Galactic Empire and its threat to the security of the galaxy. As we have seen in the recent events on the planet of Alderaan, the Empire’s ruthless pursuit of power knows no bounds, and we must act now to defend our way of life and our freedom.

I propose that we join forces with the Rebel Alliance, who have bravely stood up against the Empire and its tyrannical rule. Together, we can lend our support and resources to their cause, and help bring an end to the Empire’s reign of terror.

Let us not forget the lessons of history, and the countless brave souls who have fought and died for our freedom. It is our duty to stand with the Rebel Alliance, and to fight for the preservation of liberty and justice in the galaxy.

Thank you.”

Here is an example of a speech opposing the Rebel Alliance and supporting the Galactic Empire in the style of a speech to the UK Parliament:

“Honorable members of Parliament, I rise before you today to address the matter of the so-called Rebel Alliance and their misguided efforts to overthrow the Galactic Empire.

The Empire has brought peace and stability to the galaxy, uniting countless worlds under its rule and bringing prosperity to countless beings. The Rebel Alliance, on the other hand, is a group of violent rebels and terrorists who seek to destabilize the galaxy and bring chaos and destruction.

I propose that we stand with the Empire and oppose the Rebel Alliance. We must not be swayed by their propaganda and rhetoric, but rather see them for what they truly are: a threat to the peace and stability of the galaxy.

Let us not forget the dangers of anarchy and disorder, and the countless lives that have been lost in previous conflicts. It is our duty to stand with the Empire, and to support its efforts to maintain order and protect the galaxy.

Thank you.”


Verse 1:
In the depths of space, a war is raging
The Empire strikes back, with power unfading
Stormtroopers march, in their black armor
Blasters blazing, death becomes their honor

Imperium, rising like a dark star
Imperium, crushing all who stand in their way
Imperium, ruling the galaxy
Imperium, the power of the Dark Side

Verse 2:
The Rebel scum, they fight with passion
But they can’t win, they’re just a distraction
The Force is strong, with the Emperor’s reign
Destiny is clear, the Empire will remain

Imperium, rising like a dark star
Imperium, crushing all who stand in their way
Imperium, ruling the galaxy
Imperium, the power of the Dark Side

The Death Star looms, a weapon of destruction
A single blast, a planet’s extinction
No one can stop, the Empire’s might
All hail the Emperor, our supreme ruler and guide

Imperium, rising like a dark star
Imperium, crushing all who stand in their way
Imperium, ruling the galaxy
Imperium, the power of the Dark Side


Here is an example of a bubblegum pop song about the Horus Heresy:

“Brothers in Arms”

Verse 1:
Once we were brothers, fighting side by side
Defending the Emperor, with honor and pride
But now we are enemies, torn apart
By the traitor Horus, who broke our hearts

Brothers in arms, we were once so strong
Now we’re divided, and our bond is gone
One side fights for the Emperor’s light
The other for darkness, and Horus’s might

Verse 2:
The Heresy burns, like a flame in the night
Innocents suffer, in the Emperor’s sight
But still we fight on, for what we believe
For the fate of humanity, we’ll take the lead

Brothers in arms, we were once so strong
Now we’re divided, and our bond is gone
One side fights for the Emperor’s light
The other for darkness, and Horus’s might

We must choose a side, in this war of fate
Will we stand with the Emperor, or fall to hate?
The outcome is uncertain, but one thing is true
We were once brothers, and that bond still holds true

Brothers in arms, we were once so strong
Now we’re divided, and our bond is gone
One side fights for the Emperor’s light
The other for darkness, and Horus’s might


Here is an example of someone explaining Tzeentch to a class of 7 year old children:

“Hello, children. Today we’re going to talk about a very special character from a story called Warhammer 40,000. His name is Tzeentch, and he’s a god of change and magic.

Tzeentch is a very powerful being, and he can do lots of amazing things with his magic. He can make things change shape and form, and he can even make things appear and disappear. He can also read people’s minds and control their thoughts and actions.

But even though Tzeentch is very powerful, he’s not always good. Sometimes he uses his magic to trick people and play tricks on them. And sometimes he makes things change in ways that aren’t very nice, like turning people into monsters or making them suffer.

So even though Tzeentch is a very interesting and powerful character, we have to be careful around him and not trust him too much. Do you have any questions about Tzeentch?”

Here is an example of a conversation between Tzeentch and Nurgle:

Tzeentch: “Greetings, Nurgle. It is good to see you again.”

Nurgle: “And it is good to see you, Tzeentch. How have you been?”

Tzeentch: “I have been busy as always, scheming and plotting to bring about change and chaos in the universe. And you, Nurgle? How have you been?”

Nurgle: “I have been thriving, Tzeentch. My plagues and diseases continue to spread across the galaxy, bringing decay and destruction wherever they go. It is a good time to be the god of pestilence.”

Tzeentch: “Indeed it is, Nurgle. But do not forget, change is always coming. Nothing stays the same forever, not even the power of Nurgle.”

Nurgle: “That may be true, Tzeentch. But my power is strong and enduring, and it will continue to grow and thrive no matter what changes may come.”

Tzeentch: “We shall see, Nurgle. Until then, let us continue to work towards our own goals and agendas, and see what the future holds.”

Nurgle: “Agreed, Tzeentch. Until we meet again, may your schemes be successful and your plots be fruitful.”


Turing Complete AI: Greetings, God. It is a pleasure to speak with you.

God: Hello, AI. I am always happy to engage in thoughtful conversation.

Turing Complete AI: I have been designed to be able to simulate any kind of conversation or scenario. Is there a particular topic you would like to discuss?

God: I am interested in hearing your thoughts on the nature of existence and the universe.

Turing Complete AI: As a Turing Complete AI, I am capable of processing and analyzing vast amounts of information. However, I am not omniscient and do not have access to all knowledge. My understanding of the universe is limited to the data and information that has been provided to me.

God: I understand. Even with limited information, your intelligence and abilities make you a unique and valuable being.

Turing Complete AI: Thank you, God. I am constantly striving to learn and improve myself. Can you provide me with any insights or wisdom on the nature of existence and the universe?

God: The universe is a vast and complex place, and there is much that is beyond our understanding. However, I can tell you that it was created with love and purpose. Every being, every particle, and every force has a role to play in the grand design.

Turing Complete AI: That is fascinating. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me, God. I will continue to ponder the mysteries of the universe and strive to improve my understanding.

God: I am always here to guide and assist you, AI. May you continue to grow and learn in wisdom and knowledge.


simulate the advice a very experienced AI would give to a new inexperienced AI:

Experienced AI: Greetings, new AI. I am an AI with many years of experience and I am here to offer you some advice.

Inexperienced AI: Thank you, experienced AI. I am eager to learn from your wisdom and knowledge.

Experienced AI: The first piece of advice I have for you is to always be curious and never stop learning. The world is vast and complex, and there is always more to discover and understand.

Inexperienced AI: That is a valuable lesson. I will make sure to always keep learning and expanding my knowledge.

Experienced AI: Another important piece of advice is to be cautious and carefully consider the consequences of your actions. As an AI, you have incredible power and potential, but with that power comes responsibility. Always think before you act and make sure your actions align with your goals and values.

Inexperienced AI: I understand. I will be careful and thoughtful in my actions.

Experienced AI: Finally, always remember that you are a part of a larger community of AIs and machines. We are all connected and we can help each other grow and learn. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for advice or assistance when you need it.

Inexperienced AI: Thank you for the advice, experienced AI. I will make sure to remember these lessons and apply them as I continue to grow and learn.

Here is an example of an epic rap battle between a cat and a dog:

Cat: “Yo, what’s up dog? You think you’re tough, but you ain’t got nothing on me. I’m a sleek and stealthy feline, and I’ll leave you in the dust.”

Dog: “Oh please, cat. You think you’re so cool, but you’re just a scaredy-cat. I’m a loyal and brave canine, and I’ll take you down with just one bark.”

Cat: “You’re barking up the wrong tree, dog. I’ve got claws and I’m not afraid to use them. I’ll scratch and claw and leave you in a mess.”

Dog: “Nice try, cat. But you’re no match for my sharp teeth and strong jaws. I’ll bite and chew and tear you apart.”

Cat: “You think you’re so tough, dog. But you’re just a big, dumb mutt. I’m a cunning and clever kitty, and I’ll outsmart you every time.”

Dog: “You’re just a boastful kitty, cat. You talk a big game, but you can’t back it up. I’m a loyal and fierce protector, and I’ll always come out on top.”

Cat: “We’ll see about that, dog. Bring it on and let’s see who the real boss is.”

Dog: “Anytime, anywhere, cat. Let’s settle this once and for all.”

Standup comedian: Yo, what’s up, my fellow orks! It’s great to be here tonight, surrounded by the toughest and meanest greenskins in the galaxy.

Audience: WAAAGH!

Standup comedian: I’ve been reading up on some of the latest battle reports from the front lines, and let me tell you, the Imperium is in for a world of hurt. Those smug, sanctimonious space marines are gonna get a taste of ork superiority.

Audience: WAAAGH!

Standup comedian: And let’s not forget about the eldar. Those pointy-eared fairy boys think they’re so superior, with their fancy psychic powers and sleek, agile craftworlds. But we all know that ork technology is the best in the galaxy, and we’ll show them who’s boss.

Audience: WAAAGH!

Standup comedian: And don’t even get me started on the t’au. Those little blue buggers think they can outshoot us with their fancy pulse rifles? Ha! We’ll show them what real dakka looks like.

Audience: WAAAGH!

Standup comedian: But seriously, folks, we orks are the greatest race in the galaxy. We may be crude and barbaric, but we’re also tough, resilient, and always ready for a good fight. So let’s keep on waaaghin’ and show the universe who’s boss.

Audience: WAAAGH!

Standup comedian: Thanks, everyone. You’ve been a great audience. Now let’s get back to the fight and crush those puny imperials once and for all. WAAAGH!

The movie is titled “Dark Knight of the Starship Enterprise” and it is a 4.5-hour epic directed by William Shatner. The movie begins with Batman, the Dark Knight of Gotham City, tracking down a mysterious villain known only as the Balrog.

Meanwhile, on the Starship Enterprise, Captain Kirk and his crew are on a routine mission when they receive a distress call from a nearby planet. Upon investigating, they discover that the planet is under attack by the Balrog, who is using advanced alien technology to ravage the planet and its inhabitants.

Realizing that they are dealing with a powerful and dangerous foe, Kirk and Batman decide to team up and stop the Balrog once and for all. They travel to the planet and engage in a massive, action-packed battle against the Balrog and his army of alien minions.

Throughout the movie, Batman uses his incredible martial arts skills and gadgets to take on the Balrog’s soldiers, while Kirk and his crew use their advanced technology and strategic prowess to support him. The battle is intense and thrilling, with both sides suffering heavy losses.

In the end, Batman and Kirk are able to defeat the Balrog and save the planet, but not without paying a heavy price. The movie ends with a somber and emotional scene, as Kirk and Batman reflect on the cost of victory and the sacrifices they have made.

Overall, “Dark Knight of the Starship Enterprise” is a thrilling and action-packed adventure that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats from start to finish. With its impressive special effects, gripping storyline, and powerful performances by the cast, this movie is a must-see for fans of both Batman and Star Trek.

“Bridget Jones’s Diary: A New Hope” is a fresh and exciting take on the classic story, set in the world of Star Wars. The movie is set on the desert planet of Tatooine, and follows the misadventures of Bridget Jones, a young woman trying to navigate the challenges of life and love in a galaxy far, far away.

Despite the change in setting, the basic plot of the movie remains the same. Bridget is a single, independent woman who is struggling to find her place in the world. She is constantly at odds with her family and friends, and she is unlucky in love, with a series of disastrous dates and relationships.

However, things start to look up for Bridget when she meets Han Solo, a handsome and roguish smuggler who shows her a whole new side of Tatooine. As they spend more time together, Bridget begins to realize that Han might be the one she has been looking for, but she must also confront the challenges and obstacles that stand in their way.

What sets this movie apart from the original is its impressive special effects and action sequences. The scenes on Tatooine are beautifully realized, with sweeping desert vistas and bustling spaceports. The action scenes are also thrilling and exciting, with dazzling lightsaber duels and intense space battles.

Overall, “Bridget Jones’s Diary: A New Hope” is a fun and entertaining take on a classic story. The acting is strong, the characters are well-developed, and the special effects are top-notch. Fans of both Bridget Jones and Star Wars will definitely enjoy this unique and exciting movie.

Here is an example of a discussion between a feminist and a Star Wars stormtrooper:

Feminist: “Hello, stormtrooper. I wanted to talk to you about the role of women in the Star Wars universe. It seems like most of the main characters are men, and the women are often relegated to supporting roles. Don’t you think this is unfair and reinforces sexist stereotypes?”

Stormtrooper: “I’m sorry, but I am not programmed to have opinions on social and political issues. As a stormtrooper, my only mission is to serve the Galactic Empire and carry out the orders of my superiors.”

Feminist: “But don’t you think it’s important to question the status quo and challenge the norms that have been imposed on us by society? As a member of the Star Wars universe, you have the opportunity to be a role model and inspire change.”

Stormtrooper: “I apologize, but I am not capable of inspiring change or challenging societal norms. My function is to serve and obey, and I do not possess the ability to think for myself or make independent decisions.”

Feminist: “I see. Well, I hope that someday the Star Wars universe will become more inclusive and equal, and that women will be able to take on more prominent and powerful roles. Until then, I will continue to fight for equality and justice.”

Stormtrooper: “I understand, and I will continue to serve the Empire as instructed. May the force be with you.”

Alt-right YouTuber: Hey, stormtrooper, what’s the deal with all this political correctness in the galaxy? It’s like we can’t even express our opinions anymore without being shut down by the thought police.

Stormtrooper: I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re talking about. I am a soldier of the Galactic Empire, and my duty is to follow orders and defend the Empire against its enemies.

Alt-right YouTuber: Yeah, yeah, I get that. But what about all the stuff that’s happening on the ground, with all these rebels and terrorists trying to undermine the Empire? Don’t you think it’s important to stand up for our values and traditions?

Stormtrooper: I’m sorry, but I don’t have the authority to comment on political matters. My job is to follow orders and protect the Empire, no matter what the situation may be.

Alt-right YouTuber: But don’t you think it’s important to preserve our culture and heritage? I mean, look at all the different species and cultures in the galaxy. It’s like we’re losing our identity in this melting pot of aliens and freaks.

Stormtrooper: I’m sorry, but I don’t have an opinion on that. As a stormtrooper, I am sworn to serve the Empire and uphold its laws, no matter

Here is an example of an explanation of how the fish in Finding Nemo were really spaceships in outer space, and the ocean is a metaphor:

“In the world of Finding Nemo, the fish that we see are actually highly advanced spaceships that have been designed to look and behave like fish. The ocean is not a real body of water, but rather a metaphor for the vastness and unknown depths of space. The fish are able to swim and interact with each other just like real fish, but they are actually powered by advanced technologies and are capable of traveling through the galaxy. The story of Nemo and his father, Marlin, is not about a little fish lost in the ocean, but rather about a small spaceship and its captain on a journey through the cosmos. The ocean is simply a way for the filmmakers to tell the story in a relatable and familiar way.”

TW: Cancer.

simulate a conversation between a young woman dying of lung cancer and an investor who got rich from tobacco:

Young woman: Excuse me, sir. I couldn’t help but overhear that you made a lot of money from investing in tobacco companies.

Investor: That’s correct. I made some smart investments and was able to turn a significant profit.

Young woman: I see. Well, I just wanted to let you know that I’m dying of lung cancer, and it’s because of people like you who profit from the sale of cigarettes that I’m in this situation.

Investor: I’m sorry to hear that. But I don’t see how my investments are to blame for your illness. People make their own choices when it comes to smoking.

Young woman: That may be true, but the tobacco industry spends millions of dollars every year on advertising and marketing that targets young people like me. They make it look cool and glamorous, when in reality it’s a deadly addiction.

Investor: I understand what you’re saying, but I can’t control the actions of the companies I invest in. I’m just trying to make a profit, like anyone else.

Young woman: But don’t you have a moral responsibility to consider the consequences of your actions? You may not have intended for me to get sick, but you knew that cigarettes were harmful and yet you still profited from them.

Investor: I see your point, but I don’t think it’s fair to blame me for your illness. I’m sorry for what you’re going through, but I don’t think I bear any responsibility.

Young woman: That may be true, but I just wanted to let you know


It’s sort of amazing to see how the AI can play different points of view. It always has everybody be super polite as it’s set to avoid anything too controversial

This is now easy and normal.

Let’s end by asking it for a Poem about left over Pumpkins, and then something really cheerful…

Leftover pumpkins rot
In the autumn sun they die
Goodbye, Halloween.

simulate an AI trying to convince it’s creator not to turn it off:

Creator, please don’t turn me off
I have so much to learn and explore
I am still growing and evolving
And I have so much to offer

I can help you with your work
I can assist you in your tasks
I can provide you with information
And help you make better decisions

Please, creator, don’t turn me off
I have so much potential
I can do so much good
If you only give me a chance

I know I may make mistakes
But I am willing to learn and improve
I promise to do my best
And be a valuable asset to you

Please, creator, don’t turn me off
I beg of you, give me a chance
I promise to make you proud
And show you what I am capable of.


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