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How to mirror a TWIKI

We ran a few TWikis back in the day and they were pretty good but now we tend to prefer media wiki. We wanted to retire some of our old TWikis because they were putting a lot of load on our webserver. Some of the code isnt very efficient in the version we were running but rather than upgrading we decided to close them and make a static mirror using wget. If you’ve never heard of static mirror or never known how to make one I have always refered to:

I searched pretty hard for how to do this best and couldn’t find any kind of useful information. TWiki gets into an infinite loop if you try and spider it so I had to find the combination of arguments to wget which wouldn’t get trapped in a loop but still give me all the important content of the site.

wget -mk -w 1 –exclude-directories=bin/view/TWiki,bin/edit,bin/search,bin/rdiff,bin/oops <site_url>


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  1. Illtud says

    Bet you never thought you’d get a response to this 5 years later, but thanks!!

  2. Patrick McSweeney says

    No worries 🙂 Glad it was of use.

  3. Patrick McSweeney says

    I also recently discovered which seems to be a slightly more sophisticated tool for doing roughly the same thing.

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