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Geo RDF to KML

I’ve been looking at our RDF building data: and it’s pretty cool, but most mapping tools want KML so I knocked up a quick tool to convert geo tagged RDF into KML.

With a very simple URI so you can use it in pipelines and so forth. It includes a dc:description of each element if available as the <description> and uses any of rdfs:label, dc:title, foaf:name or skos:prefLabel to get the title. It’s also got a handy option to view the results in Google Maps rather than downloading them.

You can include more than one RDF URL, separated with a comma, and it’ll process objects from all of them! Which is kind of funky!

Ideas for other convert tools…

This also got me thinking about how useful it might be to provide some more web services like this to convert between: KML/KMZ, RDF+XML, RDF+N3, RDF Triples, Atom, RSS, SIOC, Memento, iCal, events, JSON and JSONP.

For example, I could very easily provide a URL which you gave a webpage as a parameter, and it would read the RDFa in that page and return it as a jsonp callback, or something that can read an RSS file and convert it to memento or vice versa.

Also just making it able to merge several KML, RSS, iCal etc. into one file for passing onto the next stage of a pipeline would be funky!

If I get some positive responses I’ll start work on it as a hobby/side project. Possibly so that I can move it around separately to graphite if it becomes high-traffic.

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