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Quick and Dirty RDF Reader

I know the world has quite a few RDF readers already, but I wanted something which was friendly and worked the way I do. I built the Q&D-RDF browser for my own benefit, but in the last few days it’s proved so useful I have made the effort to tidy it up a bit and announce it as a service.

It’s built on top of the excellent ARC2 library, and my graphite library. I’ve downloaded all the current prefixes from so that it will use short names for namespaces wherever possible. As it’s built on ARC2 it will handle lots of formats including RDF+XML, N3 and friends, and also RDFa and other abominations.

What I’ve found it most useful for is to point it at some RDF I’ve just completed and do a visual check that things look right. I’ve caught several dumb typos this way. The graphite “dump” format also seems to be much less intimidating for people that n3 or XML formats.

Dubious Data

“What RDF have you been writing?”, is what I’m sure you’re now wondering.

What I’ve been doing is brushing up my skills by writing some well engineered but deliberately pointless or inaccurate RDF datasets. However, by accident, one of them is quite useful. The playing cards dataset at  [Raw RDF, Browse] actually looks like it might be a good example to use in an introduction to RDF.

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