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Dev8D Mobile Tools

So having met @samscam it turns out that he yings-my-yang when it comes to building tools for events. He’s good with the mobile stuff and wants data to consume (yay!)

Now he’d given me lat+long for each location, it was easy to use my Graphite library (built last week because I figured I’d need it to hack at Dev8D) to convert the programme data into location & time based data. The first idea was to show the current thing on in a location, which was easy enough to do as a KML file, but is now meaningless as it’s over. So here’s some links to it running as if it were still in the event:

Given that, plus the fact the conference had a twitter ID for each location, described in the programme data, it was easy to make a KML of the last tweet from each room:

So… afterwards I realised that it would be much more useful to show what’s on next as well, but we’ll work on that for next time.

The really cool bit is (soon) going to be described by Sam (I’ll link it here when he’s done)

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