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URI’s in the page, please!

I’m trying to build a website using best linked-data practice.

This means providing RDF info about each resource described on the site (easy with a SQL DB backend), plus also providing sameas information to join our information to 3rd party sites like dbpedia.

Problem is finding a persons URI. I’m having to do websearches, which wastes my time and makes the job less likely to happen. Pages should make it easy to get to the URI of a person, event, conference or other resource you want to be linked up. If you don’t, we won’t bother sameas’ing you!

ECS has provided an RDF link in the page which makes it easy to get to both the RDF & the URI’s. Without this, how the hell do you expect people to find the URI to link it in the first place!?!

On our database driven people pages for ECS, the RDF button on the left side of takes you to which tells you my URI, the URI of my role in the school and the links to the RDF.

We also put the URI & RDF links on projects pages:

As a result of this annoyance, I’ve asked our webmaster to add the URI’s directly to the list of contact details along with email, homepage, phone etc.!

UPDATE: @das05r suggests “semantic radar” for Firefox and which is all very well, but I want to do this with mimimum work. I want the URI right there one the conference homepage, not to be forced to use special tools to find it!

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