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Final Reflection

UOSM2033 has been a breath of fresh air from the usual lecture and seminar focused modules. The sheer freedom and flexibility of when and how you write your post has allowed me to evenly spread my workload and also focus on applying for placements. I made the Infographic below to show a few of the many things I enjoyed about this module. At the start of this module we were asked to complete a self-test to help us track our progress. Continue reading →

Topic 5 Reflection

Above is a quick summary of what I learnt this week. This week’s topic was talking about open access and I found this topic especially challenging. As a student, I require access to a wide variety of material, but only at certain points in the year. I would ideally like to be able to access what I need when I need it for free. However, after reading others takes on the topic, there is so much more to take into account. Continue reading →

Topic 5 – Open Access

Content providers spend a great amount of their time researching and writing papers. Although sometimes their work is funded by government bodies, they should also be rewarded for their efforts and have their work recognised. Open Access is about making all scientific research available for anyone from anywhere in the world. Before I continue, below is a quick summary I have made. Continue reading →

Topic 4 – Reflection

The freedom of this week’s topic allowed people to dive further into areas that they found interesting. Personally, the idea of ‘catfish’ from the point of view of the person whose identity is being stolen interested me the most and I felt very strongly about this topic. What was surprising was Tiffany also felt strongly about this topic especially because she herself has been used to ‘catfish’ someone else. We shared very similar opinions and both spoke of the damage it can cause. Continue reading →

Topic 4 – Give me back my pictures!

In one of my previous blog posts, I have mentioned ‘Catfish’ and how this was one of the many negatives of having multiple online identities. For those who perhaps did not see this post, the video below is a quick overview of ‘Catfish’. I think it is fair to say that ‘catfishing’ is an increasingly common issue occurring online. However, the view which is most commonly portrayed is that of the person who has been ‘catfished’. Continue reading →

Topic 3 -Discuss the ways in which an authentic online professional profile can be developed.

Last week’s topic looked at the positives and negatives of having multiple online identities, which links nicely to this week’s topic. I think it is fair to say that anyone can have an online profile but it takes more time and effort to create an authentic online professional profile. The trail you leave online (also known as your ‘digital footprint’) gives a surprising amount of information about yourself. After watching this video I googled my name and where I am from. Continue reading →

Reflection on Topic 2

After reading a variety of other student’s responses to this topic it became clear that many people had similar views to me. I did not expect quite so many people to bring up the point of MTV’s ‘Catfish’, however I think that this illustrates just how much of a concern it is in today’s society. Almost everyone seemed to agree that in terms of professionalism it is a good idea to keep your social life (i.e. Facebook) separate from your professional accounts such as LinkedIn. Continue reading →

Discuss the arguments for and against having more than one online identity.

According to Internet Society “Your identity is the sum of your characteristics, including your birthplace and birthday, the schools you attended, your shoe size… [etc.]”. These things make up who you are and what you do. Online identity differs from real world identity due to the way people present themselves and the way they interact on the internet compared to real life. Partial identities are all these different representations that make up your identity. Continue reading →

Reflection on Topic 1

Before this module I had never been exposed to Word Press, used a blog or used twitter for anything other than retweeting funny cat videos. This module has opened my eyes to this new way of learning which is not only challenging but has the potential to be very rewarding. I firstly commented on Hannah’s post as it was clearly laid out and easy to read. She included a video which made her post more interactive and enjoyable. Continue reading →