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Reflection: Welcome to the free for all

Topic 4 and 5 have particularly highlighted the importance of education, and how the benefits of access of knowledge trumps all other potential disadvantages. I have created a prezi containing the main points explaining why education is imperative, hence acting as the justification for why I consider Open Access to be paramount, despite the negatives curtailed for content creators. Continue reading →

Digital FOMO is a very real thing

“The fear that if you miss a party or event you will miss out on something great.” (Urban dictionary, 2016) FOMO is something I’m sure has been experienced by everyone. Often it is the case that you perceive to be missing out on something great, but this may not be the case in reality. Now imagine the level of FOMO that is experienced from people who lack internet access. Continue reading →

Reflection: Be found, and then be great

This weeks topic highlighted points that I had not previously considered about my online presence, and encouraged me to streamline my accounts to maintain professional authenticity. The article regarding Justine accentuated just how careful you must be with social media. As discussed on Davina’s post, I consider this to be  something that we are all aware of, but perhaps in reality do not think this incident would occur therefore aren’t as careful as we should be. Continue reading →

“Be found, and then be great!”

Have your parents or tech savvy grandparents tried to add you on Facebook but you’ve declined because you don’t want them to see your profile? Now what if employers, who determine your future, are scrutinising your online personality, which in turn may skew your chances of recruitment? We are the millennial generation, bringing a new culture to the workforce (Tapscott, 2014). With our increasing online presence, we introduce different forms of recruitment and screening. Continue reading →

Reflection: Who do you think I am?

Topic two discussed the concept of multiple identities online. This is a topic of interest for me particularly now that I am job searching and am more aware of the identity in which I am portraying online. Something which I had expressed in my blog was the issue of needing to stay professional even on personal accounts. Emma’s comment highlighted the question of whether everyone needs to do this, or whether we as students are more aware. Continue reading →

Who do you think I am?

Peter Steiner’s cartoon depicts the separation between real life and the old web (Krotoski, 2012), but does this distinction still exist today? Virtual networks were developed in the early 60s. During this time users took a more passive role of simply accessing and consume resources (Costa and Torres, 2011). The previous decade has seen a shift of the role of users within the web, now taking a role of increased interaction through social networking and participation (ibid. Continue reading →

Reflection: So you think you’re a Digital Resident?

Topic one was of particular interest as I had little previous knowledge about Digital Residents and Visitors, however through the reading of academic work and blog posts of my peers, I can now consider myself well versed in the area. Through reading the blog posts of others I was able to understand the terms in a more simplified and accessible manner than that of academic text. Continue reading →