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I have never bought a movie or album online, ever but I listen to music online everyday and I’m a massive film buff. This is a blog that is publicly available and no doubt an employer will peruse one day so I’m going to self censor myself now.

Is it wrong to share what you own with whoever you want to?  Billion $ conglomerates will tell you with a straight face that sharing what you own is wrong . Before the internet we shared our VHS and cassette tapes with our friends/family and it fine and had a negligible impact on the profits of content providers. The Pirate Bay allowed us to share our property with the whole world, suddenly profits fell and sharing was illegal. Once I purchase a product I have every right to give it to whoever I like, this is a fundamental concept of private property ownership.

Disney completely missing the irony in this cartoon!
Disney completely missing the irony in this cartoon!

I have just started my dissertation and I have struggled to find open access journals to do my research. Paywalls are denying knowledge to an overwhelming majority and holding human progress in check. At the time of writing Charlie Mason has covered this, so check it out.

Open access content allows creators to reach a bigger audience faster, for the younger generation cost of content is the major deterrent to access, driving these people to P2P websites. CreativeCommons, YouTube and are prime examples of free content creating exposure and knowledge within the legal framework. Smosh and PewDiePie are millionaires because open access has allowed them to reach a vast audience according to the WallStreetJournal.

If content is blocked or behind paywalls then knowledge and experiences aren’t shared, ignorance reigns. The internet is egalitarian, its liberty and freedom and these core tenets are strengthened through open access.

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