Panopto has been within the University of Southampton for 4-5 years now, but it’s popularity has increased dramatically in the last 18 months or so.

In November 2014 there were 6430 hours of Panopto video viewed.   This compares to 1,823 hours the previous year.

6430 Hours of Panopto were viewed in November 2014

We often see spikes of views in the Panopto graphs, but they are generally just before the University exam periods. In November 2014 there was a 350% increase in total hours viewed, with the busy exam periods still a month or two away.

There was a 190% increase in unique visitors to Panopto.   The most unique users in a month were 5,581 in November 2014.

5,581 unique visitors in November 2014

As expected with this increase in viewing hours is an increase in users viewing the service. Panopto outputs unique viewers per week, so there may be up to four duplicates per month, but numbers have still doubled in a year.

So far this year we've used 1.9 Terabytes of disc (which we've doubled to predict the 2014/15 year)

2TB of disc usage in Semester 1 2014/15

With the increased usage, iSolution’s major problem is the disc space being used. At 2TB per semester (this year) alongside the 3.5TB we’ve kept from previous years, makes Panopto the fastest growing service in terms of disc use. Panopto currently has 8TB allocated to it (we had 4TB allocated as recently as October 2014) and at the time of writing (08/01/15) has 28% free.

An interactive pictogram of this data is available here: