Freeview TV, permanent programme recordings and the BBC digital archive are available from July 1st.

Bob National, a TV recording service, is available for all Staff and students from July 1st 2014 making more than 1 million TV programmes instantly available to watch.

The service, which is used by a number of other UK institutions, share a large TV recording infrastructure, meaning that if any member of any other institution has recorded a programme in the past it is available to you permanently.

The channels on the right are available to record up to 7 day in advance, and you can still record a programme up to 30 days after it airs. Any BBC programme since 2007 can be requested.

Other features include
• Accessibility: Subtitles are available on nearly all programmes, and longer programmes can be searched by the words spoken within them
• Clips: No need to search through a programme, create your own clips (or find clips others have made) and show students the specific extract you want them to see
• UK Wide: The service is available on and off campus
• Mobile friendly: Watch all the programmes on Bob National on PC, Mobile or Tablet
• Shared: Only one person from any subscribing institution needs to request a programme be recorded for it to be available to all
• No adverts: No pre-roll adverts are inserted, making the service easier to use than ITV Player, 4OD or Demand Five
• Non-English channels: 10 non-English TV channels in 5 different languages are available (Welsh, Gaelic, French, German and Italian)