Semester 2 Examinations will shortly be upon us (19th May – 6th June 2014) and the MLE Team is gearing up for it already. Nearly four thousand individual computer-based exams are scheduled to be delivered during these three weeks,  not including computer-based exams for students with additional examination requirements (AER) who require word-processing facilities to type their answers.

Computer-based exams are delivered principally in our larger public workstation rooms using the ExamStart system which Graham Robinson has written. ExamStart has vastly simplified the process of starting computer-based exams for students and invigilators: it also makes it possible for the MLE Team to have a ‘birds-eye view’ of what exams are being conducted where, using which type of software.

And ExamStart allows us to identify occasional cases where individual students have, for one reason or another, failed to submit their answers properly and we can thereby submit  their answers for them. How good is that?!