This post explains why we sometimes say that it is not possible to schedule an exam in ExamStart. In both of the following cases it is possible to use ExamStart, just not schedule its use.

Multiple Exams

ExamStart must be told what type of exam is occurring in a room. For example, if your students are taking a drug calculation exam, we schedule “Authentic World” to the room. However if you would like students to take a Perception defined response exam, followed immediately by a written Word exam, we cannot make both appear. In this situation we schedule neither exam and let students pick Perception or Word from the drop down list of available exams.

Computer Names

ExamStart schedules in the following way. The back-end website has a list of rooms such as 25/1009, 58/1043, 65/2141, etc and for each room there is a line of text it would expect to see in the computer name.

Room Text to search for
25/1009 b25-r1009
58/1043 b58-r1043
65/2141 b65-r2141

When a student logs onto a computer in 25/1009 ExamStart compares the name of the computer (B25-R1009-W01) to the table to see what room it is in, then checks the schedule for that room.

In staff offices, on laptops and in some very small workstation areas there is not a room naming convention. The computers keep the number printed on the metal plate. For this reason when ExamStart checks UOS-123456 against the room list, it never finds a match.

In these instances the computers will always say that nothing is scheduled. Students would have to choose the exam system from the drop down list.