Panopto will automatically make recordings available within Blackboard within a few minutes of your lecture. The following directions allow you to prevent automatic access immediately after the lecture is recorded.

Immediately after a Lecture

1. On the top of the Panopto screen are 3 tabs

  • Create New Recording
  • Recording Status
  • Settings

Immediately after a recording is stopped, you will be taken to the Recording Status tab to see the upload progress of your recording. On the right hand side in blue is the link to Manage My Recordings. Click this link.

Manage my recordings in Panopto recorder

The Manage My Recordings link

You may be asked to login with Blackboard. Click the grey login box.

2. This opens Panopto server in a web browser. New Recordings are at the top of the list.
Note: The list can be sorted by name or date.

3. With the mouse, hover over the recording you wish to control access to. As you do this, you will see new icons become available on the right hand side:

  • Share icon – two people
  • Statistics icon – bar graph
  • Settings icon – cog wheel
  • Edit icon – clapper board
  • Delete icon – black circle with a white cross

Click the Share icon to display the Sessions: Panopto web management interface

Panopto Share interface

Panopto Share interface

4. Click to untick “Inherit folder Permissions”.
Note: These Folder Permissions refer to the permissions on the Blackboard folder. Thus by removing the tick, students no longer have access.

Inherit folder permissions

Inherit folder permissions

5. Click the white cross at the top on the right hand side to return to the Sessions: Panopto web management interface

You now have time to edit the recording or request help from ServiceLine