We are often asked how to stream the display of a mobile device to another computer, or how to make a recording of their mobile or tablet’s screen.

We have already discussed doing this with Apple Devices http://blog.soton.ac.uk/mle/2013/08/27/ipads-in-theatres/ which will require either an Apple TV, Apple Mac, or a combination of expensive cables to achieve screen sharing and screen recording.

Today Graham and Louis are presenting “MLE Goes Mobile” at the iSolutions departmental meeting and to celebrate I’m going to write this post about my own experiences with screen sharing and screen recording with Android.  I was particularly inspired to do this when Louis stated that the combination of cables and software used to create the iPad screen recordings came to about £1000.

Fortunately with Android you only need to spend under £10 to achieve both screen sharing and screen recording.  However both of these solutions require root access to your phone or tablet.  Rooting an android device has never been easier thanks to the easy to follow step by step guides available on http://forum.xda-developers.com/ The benefits of rooting are very significant as it changes your device from essentially a toy to a small portable computer and is definitely worth doing for anyone who has an enthusiasm for the educational potential of mobile devices. One of the immediate advantages of rooting is that you can easily block adverts, spyware, tracking beacons and other such nefarious techniques that slow down your device.

Screen Sharing

In this context I’m using the term “Screen Sharing” to describe sending what you are doing on your device to a computer connected to a large tv or projecter such as in a training room or lecture theatre.

The best application I have found to achieve this is BBQ Screen http://screen.bbqdroid.org/ this software costs £1.26 and includes a computer application for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, and an app that runs on your phone or tablet.

The first time you open the app it will ask you for root access.


Then, when  you open the application on your device you will be given a number of options to choose and can then enable screen sharing by sliding the OFF switch to ON.


Then run the PC application and type in the IP address that the application tells you to, and then you are connected!  Whatever you do on your device will appear on the computer display.  Here is a very quick YouTube video to show it in action.

Screen Recording

If you have an application or material on your device that you wish to demonstrate to other users then making a screen recording or screencast is often the most effective method.

The best screen recording application I have come across is SCR Screen Recorder Pro which costs £3.68.  

Once the application is installed you have a number of options, including the ability to adjust the resolution, bit-rate, and other quality settings, and also to record your own voice via your device’s microphone so that you can easily create narrated demonstrations.

Screenshot_2013-12-19-08-12-08     Screenshot_2013-12-19-08-12-26


Making a recording is quick and easy.  Here’s a very quick demo.


Screen sharing and screen recording need not be expensive nor complex.  For under £10 and with about 20 minutes of effort you can be presenting via mobile device and creating demo videos like a pro!