First Applied Shallow Marine Geophysics Conference

Dr Mark E. Vardy, a Research Fellow in the Geology and Geophysics research group, is a member of the technical committee for the First Applied Shallow Marine Geophysics Conference, which will he held in Athens on 14-17 September 2014.

Sponsored by EAGE, the conference aims to bring together practitioners and researchers from industry and academia who develop and apply geophysical methods to the seafloor and shallow overburden. While major recent advances have been made in reservoir geophysics, the shallow overburden has traditionally received significantly less attention, despite having a heavy influence on wave propagation to deeper reservoir targets and being host to a number of geohazards. These include shallow water flows, shallow gas, hydrates, landslides, glaciotectonics, and sediment flows, along with geomorphological features such as pockmarks, pipes, diapirs, channels, canyons, boulders, ploughmarks, faults, and seepage mounds.

The technical committee strongly encourage papers that demonstrate the current state-of-the-art and present lessons learned from case studies. This will set the scene to identify new trends and technologies required to help in geophysical site characterisation and geohazard assessments: from survey design and acquisition to quantitative and integrated data interpretation techniques.

The deadline for submitting extended abstracts is 15 April 2014.

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