EPSRC Science Photo Competition 2017 – still time to get a photo in

This is open to all EPSRC-supported researchers and EPSRC-supported doctoral students. The scheme aims to capture the breadth of EPSRC’s portfolio, with applicants sharing their research through pictures. Prizes are available in a range of categories, with the overall winner of the competition awarded £500 worth of camera/photography equipment, along with prizes for runners up in each category. Closing Date: 6th December  2017. See: www.epsrc.ac.uk/newsevents/events/photocomp2017/ .

View from the Lab – Send in your photos!

The BBSRC have a new project called ‘View from the Lab’. They are looking for very short submissions which capture the day in the life of a scientist. If you would like to get involved, all you have to do is take a picture and tell them a little bit about yourself (just a paragraph or two). This is a great opportunity to put your communication skills into action, and gives you the chance to practice explaining what you do to a lay audience.

Here is what you do:

  1. Take a picture. It could be the view from your window or from your desk/bench, and it doesn’t have to be an actual lab if you’re a scientist who does field work or sits in front of a computer. The only guideline is for the photo to be of your view, not you. If you can capture something cool and exciting in your view (such as a piece of equipment used in your research) then even better.
  2.  Tell us about yourself and the picture. Send us your name, email address, country, job title and…

What do you do? Explain in one paragraph, and for a lay audience, what your job entails. Make sure you explain any terms that non-scientists might not understand.

What can I see in the picture you sent? Describe your view in one paragraph

When I’m not doing science, I… Tell us a bit more about yourself in one paragraph

Send your entries to Anisha Chandar – Anisha.Chandar@bbsrc.ac.uk