Events Roundup – Sep 18 – AD Network


NEPIC International Bioresources Conference 2018, Durham, 20th September 2018

The NEPIC International Bioresources Conference brings together a large gathering of senior industrialists, business leaders, scientists, academics and agriculturalists from across global markets to hear some of the latest developments in the circular economy and bioresources sector.



KTN/INNOVATE: Food security, sustainable agriculture, blue growth and the bioeconomy: Horizon 2020 Information & Brokerage Event, London, 26th September 2018

Innovate UK and the Knowledge Transfer Network are hosting the Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 2 (food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine, maritime and inland water research and the bioeconomy) event which is aimed at supporting collaboration across the UK and Europe.





The Big Green Expo (Southampton) 2018: Environmental & Facilities Management Support, Southampton, 2nd October 2018

The aim of the Expo is to improve efficiencies, drive down the cost of running a business facility and its environmental impact – and to meet the expectations of customers and staff.



IBBK: Progress in the treatment and application of manure and digestate products, Schwäbisch Hall, Germany, 16/18th October 2018

International conference with trade exhibition and excursion



Microbiology Society: Focused Meeting 2018: Microbiomes Underpinning Agriculture, Cork, Ireland, 1/2nd October 2018



STFC B4I Chemical Event, Redcar, 17 October 2018

Bridging for Innovators (b4i) funding now available to support UK industry. Bridging for Innovators (B4I) is a programme run by STFC to support UK industry to overcome challenging product, manufacturing or process performance. Accessing our unique laboratories and engaging with world class researchers, you will develop projects that address your specific challenge and help you make a step-change to your business.



EBRI: Value from Waste Masterclass, West Bromwich, 17-18th October 2018

EBRI’s series of Master Class Courses provides exclusive content for entrepreneurs and business leaders covering the technical and commercial fundamentals of bioenergy. Companies looking to develop new products and services can benefit from attending this event, as can those who are simply looking for a better understanding of the bioenergy market. FREE to SME businesses located within specified West Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) areas.



NPRONET Community Meeting 2018, Midland Hotel, Manchester, 29-30th October 2018

At the event we will hear from some of our industrial and academic members about what the network has done for them over last 5 years, how industrial biotechnology has changed during this period and what challenges lie ahead. The programme will also include updates on recent research progress in the field as well as a session discussing the network moving forward.

Registration is free, including accommodation and dinner on the evening of the 29th October in Manchester.



Introductory Course in Algaculture for Biotechnology, Oban, 30-31st October 2018

The course is delivered by leading algal scientists in the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) associated with the Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa. Free to PHYCONET members.



Bioscience Careers Day, Manchester, 27th October 2018

The Royal Society of Biology flagship event for biosciences students. See:



KTN: Women in Innovation: Building Success

Cardiff 5th November 2018; Glasgow 28th November 2018; Belfast 5th March 2019

Take the opportunity to network with like-minded women, learn from experts and hear from successful female entrepreneurs.



Future of Biogas Europe, London, 7th-8th November 2018



Synthetic Biology UK 2018, Bristol, 19/20th November 2018



British Council Researcher Links Event: UK-Russia Workshop – Scientific and Technical Grounds of Future Low-Carbon Propulsion, Northumbria University, 19 – 22nd November 2018

The workshop will be organized with the following sessions: Bioresources and advanced biofuels for low-carbon propulsion; Electrification in transport; Waste energy recovery systems; Mathematical modeling of low-carbon propulsion systems. Application deadline: 1st August 2018



PHYCONET Annual Conference, Wesley Hotel, London, 8 – 9th November 2018




Third Agri-Food Study Group, Nottingham, 29 April 2019

Express your interest to attend this unique event. This three-day Study Group held at Nottingham University (29th April – 1st May) will bring mathematical science researchers from across the UK to work on a number of industry problems over three intensive workshop days to come up with solutions to industry problems from areas as diverse as agriculture, food production and biotechnology. At this stage, the call is for companies to send problems to us: registration details for participants will be available soon.


Funding Roundup – Sep 18

CORBEL 2nd Open Call for Research Projects

More than 20 facilities from 10 different research infrastructures across Biological and Medical Sciences have joined forces and combine their technologies and scientific expertise to support advanced research projects. Successful applicants will be offered open access to cutting-edge technologies and services available at various research infrastructures. CORBEL funds will not be given to successful applicants directly. Instead, costs for travel to partner sites will be reimbursed (up to €5,000) and access to service providers will be granted without access fee (extra costs for consumables may apply).



Innovate UK and the Knowledge Transfer Network are offering UK-based R&D performing SMEs the opportunity to receive a contribution of up to £500 towards travel and accommodation costs to selected European brokerage events. Looking for collaboration opportunities or to find partners for your Horizon 2020 project in Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials, Manufacturing and Processing (NMBP) Deadline: 24th September



BBSRC: ‘Stand-alone’ LINK

LINK supports collaborative research projects between at least one company and one academic partner. At least 50% of the full project cost comes from industry. Applications should be for pre-competitive research that would not be undertaken in this form without LINK support. Funding is only available for organisations eligible for BBSRC support.

Deadline: 25th September 2018



BBSRC: Industrial Partnership Awards (IPAs)

IPAs are academic-led, responsive mode grants that have significant industrial involvement and industry partner(s) contributes in cash at least equivalent to 10% of the full project costs. Additional in-kind contributions from industry are welcome but do not count against the industry contribution.

Deadline: 25th September 2018



BBSRC: New Investigator Scheme

Assists early-career researchers – newly employed university lecturers, lecturer level equivalent fellows whose awards were secured in open competition, and researchers in Research Council Institutes at the unified Research Council Band E or its equivalent – to secure their first major element of research funding.

Deadline: 25th September 2018



GCRF Global Engagement Networks

As part of the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF), UK Research and Innovation invites proposals for community building networks focused around research challenges within the six strategic GCRF Challenge portfolios: Up to £150,000 is available per network, over a 2 year period. These funds are to support running costs, events and activities.

The Network Director (Principal Investigator) for each Network must be an academic based at an eligible research organisation in a country on the OECD DAC list.

Deadline:11th October 2018



Business: Grants for equipment

The PAPI project help small businesses in York, North Yorkshire and East Riding develop innovative new products by providing grants (up to £20,000) for equipment. See:


Scotland: Circular Economy Investment Fund

A funding opportunity for small and medium sized enterprises in Scotland who are helping to create a more circular economy. See:


NELSA – North of England Life Science Accelerator Programme, Cheshire, 13-14th November 2018

Up to 10 early stage businesses/commercialisation projects will receive support and the potential to secure seed funding. Applications close: 17 Sep 18.  


Newton Fund: PhD Placements and Supervisor Mobility Grants China-UK

This programme is a sponsorship opportunity for UK and Chinese PhD students and their supervisors to spend a period of study of three to 12 months (for PhD students) and up to three months (for supervisors) at higher education institutions in China or the UK. The focus is on research areas that reflect the common interests and demands of both countries, including: food and water security; environmental technologies; energy.

Deadline: 20th September 2018


Women in Innovation Awards 2018

UK business women can apply for one of 8 Women in Innovation Awards: £50,000 funding each and a bespoke package of mentoring, coaching and business support. Deadline: 3rd October 2018



BBSRC Follow on fund

The BBSRC Follow on Fund currently has an Industrial Biotechnology highlight for the upcoming round.

Deadline: 10th October 2018



Energy Catalyst Round 6: Transforming Energy Access

The Department for International Development (DFID) and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) will invest up to £10 million in innovation projects. These must encourage technology that will help countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia access secure, low cost and low carbon energy. £3 million of the funding is set aside for bioenergy projects.

Deadline: 4th November 2018



Roundup of PhD opportunities – Mar 18


Finding optimum mixing condition in an anaerobic digester using computational fluid dynamics approach for sustainable production of chemicals and materials, Aberdeen University
Supervisors:  Dr A Majumder, Dr J Derksen Application
Deadline 15th April 2018
Funded PhD Project (European/UK Students Only)

Anaerobic digestion of food waste for the production of chemicals, Aberdeen University
Supervisors: Dr D Dionisi , Dr C Fernandez-Martin Application
Deadline 15th April 2018
Funded PhD Project (European/UK Students Only)

Microwave-assisted pre-treatment for the cost-effective anaerobic digestion of lignocellulosic substrates, Aberdeen University
Supervisors:  Dr C Fernandez-Martin , Dr D Dionisi
Deadline 15th April 2018
Funded PhD Project (European/UK Students Only)

Policies and Politics: an investigation of how anaerobic digestion processes comply with current environmental policies, Aberdeen University
Supervisors: Dr D Toke, Dr T Kiso
Deadline 15th April 2018
Funded PhD Project (European/UK Students Only)

A risk framework to establish the ecotoxicity and fate of anaerobic digestate in soil, Aberdeen University
Supervisors: Dr G I Paton, Dr G Norton
Deadline 15th April 2018
Funded PhD Project (European/UK Students Only)

Separation of chemicals obtained from the anaerobic fermentation of organic waste, Aberdeen University
Supervisors:Dr D Dionisi, Dr A Majumder
Deadline: Applications accepted all year round
Self-Funded PhD Students Only

Producing chemicals and materials sustainably: Understanding the economic implications and firms decision making, Aberdeen University
Supervisors: Prof E Phimister, Dr J Cai
Deadline 15th April 2018
Funded PhD Project (European/UK Students Only)

Heat pump assisted distillation for the energy efficient separation of the liquid phase products from anaerobic digestion, Aberdeen University
Supervisors: Dr M N Campbell-Bannerman, Dr A Majumder
Deadline 15th April 2018
Funded PhD Project (European/UK Students Only)

Catalytic conversion of syngas to oxygenates for the efficient upgrading of biogas, Aberdeen University
Supervisors: Dr P Kechagiopoulos, Prof J Anderson
Deadline: 15th April 2018
Funded PhD Project (European/UK Students Only)

Catalytic conversion of biogas to ethylene, Aberdeen University
Supervisors: Dr P Kechagiopoulos, Prof J Anderson
Deadline: 15th April 2018
Funded PhD Project (European/UK Students Only)

Tailored biopolymer production from waste streams: low-cost value added bioprocessing, University of Birmingham
Supervisors: Dr T Overton, Dr M Jenkins
Deadline: Applications accepted all year round
Self-Funded PhD Students Only

In this project, you will capitalize on the expertise held in the group to fabricate microbial bioreactors and fermenters. In particular, you will develop new materials and 3D printing methods to enable fabrication of biocompatible fermenters, University of Edinburgh
Supervisor: Dr S Dimartino
Deadline 10th December 2018
Funded PhD Project (European/UK Students Only)

Roundup of PhD Opportunities – Jan 18

Catalytic Conversion of Organic Acid By-Products from Sustainable Processes,
University of Sheffield
Supervisor: Dr J McGregor
Deadline: 24th January 2018
Competition Funded PhD Project (Students Worldwide)


Microbial Process Engineering for Bioenergy Generation and Production of Value-Added Chemicals, University of Sheffield
Supervisor: Dr S Vaidyanathan
Deadline 24th January 2018
Competition Funded PhD Project (Students Worldwide)


Cooking with Gas: Can Anaerobic Digestion Reduce the Prevalence of Antimicrobial Resistance in Cow Manures and Slurries?, University of Nottingham
Supervisor: Dr H West Application
Deadline 31st January 31, 2018
Competition Funded PhD Project (Students Worldwide)

Design of microbial cell factories and novel bioreactors for the production of high value natural products,
University of Edinburgh
Supervisor: Dr L Rios Solis
Deadline 30th June 2018
Funded PhD Project (Students Worldwide)

Integration of Sustainability Assessment and Global Optimization for Sustainable Production of Biofuels and Chemicals,
University of Manchester
Supervisors: Dr R Cuellar-Franca , Dr N Zhang , Dr J Li
Applications accepted all year round
Self-Funded PhD Students Only


Energy generation from lignocellulosic wastes, University of Huddersfield
Supervisor: Prof. P Humphreys / Dr S Rout
Deadline:Applications accepted all year round
Self-Funded PhD Students Only



Integration of Sustainability Assessment and Global Optimization for Sustainable Production of Biofuels and Chemicals, University of Manchester
Supervisor: Dr R Cuellar-Franca / Dr N Zhang / Dr J Li
Deadline: Applications accepted all year round
Self-Funded PhD Students Only

AD Network Event and Training Roundup – Jan 18

Events to Note

Unavoidable food waste in Yorkshire: opportunities to add value. 27 Feb 18, Holiday Inn York, Tadcaster Road YO24 1QF, 10.00-13.00 hrs. Free of charge.

EPSRC: Systems Change Thinking – Creating Value from Unavoidable Food Supply Chain Wastes, Sutton Bonnington, University of Nottingham. 16th January 2018

REA Event – UK Biomethane Day 2018, Birmingham. 2nd May 2018


KTN Events


KTN: Innovation Funding for Ambitious Businesses in the Midlands Engine, Coventry, Tue, 30 Jan. 

KTN: How to win funds and influence people, Various venues. Wales. Various dates, March 2018. Half day workshops across Wales to explore what a good grant application looks like…and some of the pitfalls to avoid.

KTN: North West Innovation 2018: Unlock Your Business Growth and Productivity, Daresbury. 8th February 2018.


NIBB Events

HVCfP: Workshop – Plant cell cultures: production of high value chemicals, Macdonald Hotel Holyrood, Edinburgh. 28th February 2018.

HVCfP: Workshop – Application of IB to to identification and recovery of high value products from plant waste, Colworth Park, Bedfordshire. 10th April 2018.

CBMNet: Biochemical Society Focused Meeting: Structure and mechanism of membrane proteins, Aston University. 2/3rd August 2018.

CBMNet: Biochemical Society Training Event: Experimental techniques for studying proteins and lipids in biological membranes, Aston University. 31st July–1st August 2018. This two-day training event for early career researchers comprise lectures, case study exercises and laboratory-based practical sessions.

C1net Final Conference, East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham 21-23 January 2019.


Overseas Events

IMPACT of the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant in industrial biotechnology – towards a sustainable economy, Ghent. 19th February 2018.

The Irish Bioenergy Association (IrBEA) National Conference – Bioenergy Future Ireland 2018, Dublin. 21st February 2018

5th International Conference on Renewable Energy Gas Technology, REGATEC 2018, Toulouse, France. 3-4th May 2018. REGATEC has a technical and industrial focus and is directed towards bio-, electro-, and thermochemical conversion of biomass/waste to biomethane, biomass gasification for CHP production and industrial use as well as cryogenic upgrading/liquefaction.

The 3rd International Conference on Recent Advances in Pollution Control and Resource Recovery for the Livestock Farming Industry” (Livestock Waste 2018), Xiamen, China. 26-28th July 2018. This conference aims to seek solutions for the environmental issues associated with the management of animal manure and wastewater. Deadline for abstracts: 1st March 2018.

Biogas Science, Torino, Italy. 17/19th September 2018. Abstract deadlines: 19th January/27th April 2018.

The International Biomass Congress & Expo & the International Biogas Congress & Expo, Berlin, 10/11th October 2018.


Other Events and Courses

3rd N8 Biophysical and Biochemical Symposium, “Dynamics, Kinetics and Thermodynamics, Manchester. 12th January 2018. The focus of the symposium will be the use of biophysical techniques to determine dynamics, kinetics and thermodynamics of biological processes.

Bio-resources – Getting the most out of sludge, Peterborough. 24th January 2018

Masters & PhD Study Fairs 2018 (Birmingham; Bristol; Sheffield; Liverpool; Edinburgh). Meet representatives from top universities both in the UK and abroad and get Masters & PhD application advice. University of Birmingham – 24 January; Sheffield – 14 February; University of Liverpool – 15 February; University of Edinburgh – 21 February.

Biogas HANDS ON UK, Cambridge. 5th-8th February 2018. IBBK Biogas will run a 4-day Engineering & Operating Course including a biogas plant visit.

Energy Storage and Connected Systems 2018, Olympia Conference Centre, London. 6/7th February 2018

2nd International Conference on Marine Biomass as Renewable Energy, Glasgow. 5/6th March 2018

The Business Of Science Conference, Liverpool. 17th May 2018

Biovale: Innovation Biocamp, Hawkhills, Yorkshire. 3-8th June 2018. Start-up, bio-based businesses can benefit from fully funded, intensive business training for successful innovation. The BioBase4SME project is now providing start-up companies working in the bioeconomy with €7,000 worth of specialist training, fully funded by the project. Deadline for applications: 20th April 2018.

New Scientist Live, ExCeL Centre, London 20-23 September 2018


Funding Roundup – Jan 18

This roundup include Research Council, Innovate and EU funding, regional funding, NIBB Network funding and some miscellaneous funding opportunities, as well.

Research Council, Innovate and European Funding

Networks in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy (BBSRC NIBB) Phase II

Community meeting: 17.01.18.

Expression of interest deadline: 24.01.18 at 16:00

BBSRC, in association with EPSRC, has announced a call of up to £10 million to fund a second phase of Networks in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy (BBSRC NIBB). They intend to fund a number of Networks, of varying scales, focusing on a broad range of fundamental and strategic challenges and questions facing the IBBE area. Networks will operate for up to 5 years and are expected to become self-sustaining beyond this.

See: .


INNOVATE: Open sector competition round 4

Innovate UK’s competition is open to the best business-led cutting-edge or disruptive ideas or concepts with a view to commercialisation. Total eligible project costs must be within the range £25,000 to £1,000,000. Projects may last between 6 and 36 months.

Deadline: 28th February 2018

KTN will be hosting briefing events for Innovate UK’s January 2018 sector competition for Health & Life Sciences and Emerging & enabling Technologies. Deadline: 28th March 2018.

Innovate UK is to invest up to £19 million to support innovation that offers significant changes in productivity and cutting-edge innovation. The competition has 2 strands, strand 1 is for health and life sciences projects and strand 2 is for emerging and enabling technologies projects. A further £12 million is available to fund Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs).

See: .

All projects must involve at least one SME, working alone or in collaboration with other organisations. Projects with costs over £100,000 must be collaborative and include a funded partner.  The competition will open on the 22nd January and you must apply before 28th March.  Further details about the scope of the competition will be available shortly.

KTN will be hosting a series of briefing events for the competition throughout January and February.  More information is available below regarding the strands and the briefing events.


Science Technology Facilities Council (STFC) Bridging for Innovators (B4I) is a programme to support UK industry in improving productivity . It started in 2017 and will end in March 2021.

See: .


ESRC: GCRF New models of sustainable development: Transitions towards sustainable and inclusive societies

See: .


NERC Large Grants call

Grants range between £1.2 million and £3.7m at 100 per cent full economic cost, with a duration of up to five years. Deadline 13th March 2018

See: .


Horizon 2020 Calls

Horizon 2020 is the EU’s €77 billion research and innovation funding scheme running from 2014 to 2020. BEIS has further clarified Horizon 2020 underwrite for UK participants.

  • Blue Growth – aims at sustainably harvesting the potential of resources from seas, oceans and inland waters for different uses and across the range of marine and maritime industries.

Deadline: 13th February 2018

  • Eurostars – Open to all projects in all technology areas and market fields, but projects must have a civilian purpose.

Deadline:  1st March 2018

  • Stimulating the innovation potential of SMEs for sustainable and competitive agriculture, forestry, agri-food and bio-based sectors – SMEs can play a crucial role in developing resource-efficient and cost-effective solutions to secure sufficient supplies of safe, healthy and high quality food and other bio-based products. Various deadlines.

Regional Funding

Bristol Sustainable Energy Research Fund

There is a fund of £10K available to support researchers wishing to investigate or evaluate the relationship between people and energy. Research should produce insight that contributes to the development of a more sustainable, equitable and democratically accountable energy system in the South West of England. Unusually this is not limited to academic applicants provided there is a demonstrable publication history. Closing date: 31st January 2018. See: .

BDC ERDF Funding for bio-based innovation

The Biorenewables Development Centre (BDC) has secured further ERDF funding to help Yorkshire businesses grow through bio-based innovations. The BDC is offering 120 pre-funded projects, value £1000, for eligible local businesses by 2018.

See: .

NIBB Network Funding


Final BIV Call Closes 31st May 2018. See: .


Final BIV call closes on 28th February 2018. There is still funding available for up to 7 projects (of up to £10,000). See: .


Final BIV round closes 16th January 2018. See: .

PHYCONET Secondment funding

Deadline:  1st February 2018.

It is worth keeping track of various grants and awards available in the sector. For example, Bio-start is an annual competition designed to commercialise the engineering of biology. See: .

Other Funding

L’Oreal-UNESCO For Women In Science Awards

The Fellowships are tenable at any UK or Irish university or research institute to support a 12-month period of early career research in any area of life, physical and computer sciences, engineering and mathematics. See: .

Deadline: 16th February 2018

Royal Academy of Engineering Industrial Fellowships

These enable early- and mid-career engineering academics to conduct a collaborative research project in an industrial environment. Fellowships are worth up to £30,000 each and are tenable for up to six months full-time or 12 months part-time. Deadline: 5th February 2018

Royal Academy of Engineering: Research Chairs and Senior Research Fellowships

These aim to strengthen the links between industry and academia by supporting academics in conducting use-inspired research that meets the needs of industrial partners.

Deadline: 6th March 2018

See: .

Defra Farm Productivity Grants

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs has opened a £40 million grants scheme for investment in farm technology and equipment to boost farm productivity. Grants are available under the Countryside Productivity Scheme. See: .


AD Network – December 17 PhD Roundup

Alchemy – Turning wastes into functional soils: a bio-chemical and physical assessment from lab to field, Aberdeen University Full or part time Dr G I Paton

Supervisors: Dr L Beesley, Dr G Norton and Dr Hough

Deadline 4th December 2017

Competition Funded PhD Project (European/UK Students Only)


Novel Tools for Bioengineering Gut Anaerobes, Aberdeen University

Supervisors: Dr K Scott, Dr P Louis and Mr Ben Bradley

Deadline: 4th December 2017

Competition Funded PhD Project (European/UK Students Only)


The sustainable production of chemicals from C02 using Gas Fermentation and Systems/ Synthetic Biology approaches, University of Nottingham

Supervisors:  Prof N Minton and Dr K Winzer

Deadline 14th December 2017

Funded PhD Project (European/UK Students Only)


Exploiting the natural tendencies of microbial systems to form stabilising, productive micro-structures towards designing biofunctional materials, University of Warwick

Supervisors: Prof O Soyer and Prof Dove

Deadline 7th January 2018

Funded PhD Project (European/UK Students Only)


Optimising microbial production of lactic acid from municipal solid waste (MSW); Insights into genome stability for industrial biotechnology (IB), Aberystwyth University

Supervisors: Dr JGallagher and Dr D Bryant

Deadline: 14th January 2018

Funded PhD Project (European/UK Students Only)


Integration of Sustainability Assessment and Global Optimization for Sustainable Production of Biofuels and Chemicals, University of Manchester

Supervisors: Dr R Cuellar-Franca , Dr N Zhang , Dr J Li

Applications accepted all year round

Self-Funded PhD Students Only

Funding Roundup – December 2017

APEX Awards

The APEX award scheme offers established independent researchers, with a strong track record in their respective area, an exciting opportunity to pursue genuine interdisciplinary and curiosity-driven research to benefit wider society. See: .

Deadline: 14th December 2017.

Royal Society Research Grants

This scheme provides seed-corn funding for early-career scientists for research within the Society’s remit in the life and physical sciences. Grants are worth up to £20,000 each over one year. Closing Date: 19th December 2017. See: .


ERC Consolidator Grant

Worth a look whilst they are still available. See: . Deadline: 15th February 2018.


David Clarke Fellowship

The David Clarke Fellowship is co-funded by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) and

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). At least one fellowship will

be awarded per year. The research focus of the fellowships must be interdisciplinary across the Energy theme See: .

Don’t forget about the AD Network’s Business Interaction Vouchers (closes: 31 Dec 17) and our final Proof of Concept (closes: 15 Jan 18). More information on our website.


The Rank Prize

Are you working in crop science? The Rank Prize offers opportunities for support like their Travel awards £7,500 (Deadline: 29th January 2018) and Vacation Scholarships £2,500 (Deadline: 14th February 2018). See: .

AD Network – Funding Roundup – Oct 17

Supergen Bioenergy Hub Flexible Funding 2017 – Closes 22 Nov 17. £100K available to support up to 4 projects on Supergen Themes, plus £75 for projects which target priorities of the low carbon fuels strategy of the DfT. See the Supergen website.

The Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) scheme aims to increase the knowledge and awareness in UK Universities of cutting edge industrial science, research and innovation. Worth £40K each over two years, there are 10 on offer. Deadline: 4th January 2018

See: .

Royal Academy of Engineering: Industry-Academia Partnership – Colombia, India, Indonesia, South Africa and Thailand. Dealine: 27th November 2017

See: .

AD Network – Roundup of PhD Opportunities – Oct 17

Improving understanding of veterinary medicine degradation and fate in organic fertilisers and anaerobic digestion plants (VetMedDeg) – University of Leeds

Deadline: 6th October 2017

Supervisor: Dr Paul Kay

Funded PhD Project (UK Students Only)


Microbial ecology of early stage colonisers in the digestive tracts of large herbivores – Aberystwyth University

Deadline 1st November 2017

Supervisor: Dr G W Griffith

Funded PhD Project (European/UK Students Only)


Innovative biological processes for the production of chemicals from organic waste – Aberdeen University

Applications accepted all year round

Supervisors:  Dr D Dionisi and Dr A Majumder

Self-Funded PhD Students Only


Integration of Sustainability Assessment and Global Optimization for Sustainable Production of Biofuels and Chemicals – University of Manchester

Applications accepted all year round

Supervisors:  Dr R Cuellar-Franca, Dr N Zhang and Dr J Li Application

Self-Funded PhD Students Only


Isolation, Characterization and Genome Mining of Novel Environmental Bacteria and Archaea – University of Huddersfield

Applications accepted all year round

Supervisor: Prof Humphreys  and Dr S Rout

Self-Funded PhD Students Only


Chemistry for the Bioeconomy: novel transformations in hot water – Aberdeen University

Applications accepted all year round

Supervisors:  Dr M J Plater, Dr W T A Harrison and Dr A Raab

Self-Funded PhD Students Only