Metals related Antimicrobials event – 26-27 November 15 – Durham

Among the candidates for new antimicrobials are metals (see Nature “Bacterial arms race revs up” 402-403, May 2015), chelants, ionophores and agents that interfere with the metal-handling systems of microbes and hosts. This event will highlight advances in understanding the metal-handling systems of microbes, nutritional immunity and why metals are a microbial “Achilles heel”.  Examples of ongoing research involving Academia and Industry will be presented but the purpose of the event is to identify new opportunities for Innovation, to initiate collaborations and to understand potential implications of policy regulations. See the flyer: Metal-related antimicrobials event

Registration If you would like to attend this event, please get in touch (email below) ASAP – especially if you want to attend the second day as there are a limited number of places which includes overnight accommodation:

Eco-Bio 2016 – Beurs World Trade Centre, Rotterdam – 6-9 Mar 16

There are a wide variety of topic areas, including those from industrial and environmental biotechnology, as well as sustainability and research in the bio-based economy.

With fossil fuels becoming more and more limited and global change having unmistakable effects on our everyday lives, working toward a suitable future for both humans and all ecosystems of the world becomes essential.

Biobased Economy focuses on developing industrial viable, safe and ecologically friendly biobased (renewable biological sources) solutions to build a sustainable society, involving food, chemicals, energy and materials.

Complementing these technological developments are insights and discussions on societal, economic and environmental relevant and interdisciplinary topics such as ‘Cradle-to-cradle’, ‘green or circular economies’, ‘climate change mitigation’, ‘energy and food security’, ‘resource efficiency’, ‘sustainability in general’ and ‘resource, food and product safety’.

This conference is the first of its kind and promises to be interesting and informative.

Abstract submission closes on 23 Oct 15 and further information can be found at:

Industrial Applications of Metal-Microbe Interactions – 26-27 Nov 15 – University of Durham

This SGM focused meeting will bring together academics and industrialists to build collaborations in the areas of: biomining; biorecovery and bioprocessing; bioremediation; and biofabrication of higher value products.
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Characterising and Utilising Rhodococcus Workshop – York – 2 Nov 15

Discussion topics include challenges in delivering Rhodococcus biocatalysts to industry; metal‐dependent oxygenases; new enzyme discovery/substrate re‐tuning; molecular biology toolkit for working in Rhodococcus; the academia–industry interface (presentation by the CPI). Attendance at this collaboration-building meeting will allow you to engage with an innovative community, interact with key opinion leaders and enable you to work on & gain help with industry‐relevant scientific challenges. Further information is on the Rhodococcus flyer

Registration If you would like to attend this event, contact Charlotte Harrison ASAP, as there are a  limited number of places: