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Category Archives: Tips

  1. An Intern’s WAISfest: Introduction to the BBC Microbit September 2, 2016

    Posted in Community, Open Source, Outreach, Programming, python, Tips, Tutorial.

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  2. Automated front end testing of .net MVC projects with Jenkins and Selenium August 30, 2016

    Posted in Programming, testing, Tips.

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  3. Zen and the Art of Legacy Camp Site Cleaning August 11, 2016

    Posted in Best Practice, Programming, testing, Tips.

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  4. Some of my many failures July 20, 2015

    Posted in Open Source, Programming, Tips.

  5. Location Independent Software January 31, 2014

    Posted in Best Practice, Command Line, Perl, PHP, Tips.

  6. Taking my Leave August 15, 2013

    Posted in Conference Website, Data, Drupal, Events, Graphite, Tips.

  7. Recovering from broken php code in a “PHP Code” block in Drupal 7 June 1, 2012

    Posted in Drupal, Tips.

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  8. Two Girls, One Conversation February 18, 2012

    Posted in RDF, SPARQL, Tips, Uncategorized.

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  9. Getting Live Google Spreadsheets February 8, 2012

    Posted in Command Line, Data, Perl, Tips.

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  10. Linux, SharePoint & Perl February 8, 2012

    Posted in Command Line, Perl, Sharepoint, Tips.

  11. A vim one-liner for expanding RDF namespace prefixes April 11, 2011

    Posted in Command Line, RDF, Tips.

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  12. Temporary downtime httpd.conf December 9, 2009

    Posted in Apache, Tips.

  13. Bulk Moving or Deleting “locked” files in OSX August 22, 2009

    Posted in OSX, Tips.

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  14. Changing user agent in Microsoft Search Server 2008 August 4, 2009

    Posted in Tips.

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  15. ack August 3, 2009

    Posted in Tips.

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