Topic 2: Online Identity, Privacy and Security

Please read these brief notes and check out the links, before preparing and posting your answer to the set question. This document should be regarded as just the start of the discussions, which are then developed over the next two weeks through the conversations themselves and the sharing of further relevant links.

These articles are intended to give you a flavour of the challenges and opportunities in managing your online identity, and get you started on answering the Topic 2 set question below.

Relevant articles/videos

3 short videos explaining the topic of online identity: – Building your online identity in 7 steps – (by Alex Krotoski)

“To be or not to be? The importance of digital identity in the networked society” by Cristina Costa and Ricardo Torres

Rhizome – Digital Identity

Reputation bankruptcy by Jonathan Zittrain

Module Scoopit for online safety and security

Question for Topic 2: Discuss the arguments for and against having more than one online identity.

Deadline for posting your answer to the set question is 26/10

Deadline for your comments on the work of others is 29/10
Deadline for posting your reflective summaries is 2/11

Remember that for topics 2-5 marks all count towards your final assessment and marks will be deducted for late posts. The assessment criteria are detailed in the module Study Guide.

If you have any questions, please ask us. And if you find useful additional resources on this topic to share with the group, please do so on Twitter using #UOSM2033

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