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Course representatives

Posted on February 10, 2015 by in Peer feedback

What is it?

Although lecturers are usually the ones giving feedback to students, students can also give feedback on their lecturers. Course reps are students elected by their fellow students to represent the student body and make sure the University hears the student voice. Therefore, if there are any problems with feedback, lecturer quality or tutor support, course reps are the people who are there to represent students. They will be the ones who will act as a liaison between staff and students to deal with any issues that may arrive.

How can students make the most of it?

Students should be encouraged to raise any issues they may have with their course rep who will be able to deal with it in an efficient and professional manner. If they think they are not receiving enough feedback or if the feedback they receive is too vague, but they don’t feel able to raise this issue with the lecturer directly, they should contact the student rep who can bring up the issue with the lecturer while keeping the request anonymous. Students should make the most of their course reps as they are a great way to engage in a dialogue with their lecturers throughout the module, even when students don’t feel able to raise issues directly. It is better to raise issues as they arise in the module rather than wait to report them on the module evaluation form at the end of the semester.

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