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Consistency of feedback across lecturers

Posted on February 10, 2015 by in 1-to-1/ detailed feedback, Written feedback

What is it?

Most students appreciate it when their lecturers annotate their written assignments and exams so that they can pinpoint exactly where their strengths and weaknesses lie and contextualise generic feedback. Moreover, lecturers should aim to be consistent in their feedback and give individual students the same level of feedback regardless of their level of study or current attainment. Even when a piece of work is excellent, it is important for the student to know what is good about the work and how it can be improved further.

Consistency is also important when several markers are involved. It is recommended that markers discuss their marks and comments before the work is given back to students in order to achieve some consistency across the whole cohort. Marking sheets are a good example of the various ways used to ensure that consistency.

How can students make the most of it?

After having received their annotated scripts, students should be encouraged to examine them in detail in order to identify their strengths and weaknesses and thus make further progress. If they notice inconsistency in marking and the amount of feedback they have received, it is a good idea to raise the issue directly with their lecturer.

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