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Peer feedback

Annotated coursework

Posted on March 12, 2015 by in 1-to-1/ detailed feedback, Peer feedback, Written feedback

What is it? Annotated coursework is one example of what is commonly referred to as formative assessment,which usually do not count towards the final mark but rather supports students’ learning throughout a course. Other examples of formative assessment include Quizzes, problem sheets and online tests, classroom discussions, brainstorming activities or speaking in a foreign language […]

Feedback from the research community

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What is it? As part of their doctoral studies, many PhD students have the opportunity to engage with the research community not only at the University of Southampton, but also at other higher education establishments across the country and world. This can range from publishing papers in academic journals, or presenting their research at conferences. […]

Course representatives

Posted on February 10, 2015 by in Peer feedback

What is it? Although lecturers are usually the ones giving feedback to students, students can also give feedback on their lecturers. Course reps are students elected by their fellow students to represent the student body and make sure the University hears the student voice. Therefore, if there are any problems with feedback, lecturer quality or […]