The Children’s Exploratory Drawings

The Children’s Exploratory Drawings (CEDs) are a series of simple drawings of common school scenes that can be used during assessment to elicit a child or young person’s views about themselves and the world around them. They are available free for professionals to use flexibly, both in-person and virtually. As a visual resource we hope that they can be used with young people of a wide range of ages and communication abilities. We hope this resource may be added to the catalogue of existing Personal Construct resources that we have enjoyed using. 

The creation of the CEDs was driven by conversations, input, and guided practice with a number of inspiring individuals that we have met so far on the Educational Psychology Doctorate at Southampton. We are particularly thankful to Dr Tim Cooke and Sarah Wright for supervising the work and sharing their wisdom, to Dr Bee Hartwell for introducing us to Personal Construct Psychology and to Dr Ed Sayer, who challenged us to reflect on our assessment practice as we ventured forth into assessment work on our first placement.  

You can access the resource and our guidance document here. We hope that you enjoy using the Children’s Exploratory Drawings. We look forward to hearing your experiences of using the CEDs. If you use the resource, we ask that you leave some feedback for up via the survey link: CEDs Feedback (click here)

 Children’s Exploratory Drawings (Timney & Cohman, 2020)

The Children’s Exploratory Drawings, by Cleo Timney and Abigail Cohman, is a resource for free use, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND) license.