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Introductory Post: Digital Resident or Digital Visitor? Which am I?

Technology has become part and parcel of our daily activities. It is now the main platform where we learn, communicate, gather knowledge and form valuable insights. Are you aware of the terms “Digital Resident” and “Digital Visitor”? Which do you think describes you best? Read on to find out more: What is a Digital Resident? A digital resident uses the internet to connect or be with other people. Continue reading →

Introductory Post

Hi readers, this is my very first post and for this, I will explain what digital ‘resident’ and ‘visitor’ are. Digital resident is people that spend a large amount of their time online, especially on their social media platforms. They will use it as a means to express their thoughts, socialise and basically, in almost all facet of lives. Often times, they will prefer to communicate online than offline. Continue reading →

Introduction – Self Test & Digital Visitor/Resident

Digital Visitors: Individuals who use the Internet as a tool in an organized manner only when the need arises. They use the web to facilitate certain needs. Digital Residents: Individuals who live a percentage of their lives online. The web is a part of their identity and they are continually engaged with the internet. I perceive myself as being a Digital Resident. I use Social Media daily and am dependent on the internet to facilitate my life. Continue reading →

#Mang2049 Introductory Post – Digital Visitor or Resident?

Digital behaviours can be split into two different types – Visitor or Resident. Digital visitor is someone who does not commit in engagement with others and does not view the Internet as a social space whereas a digital resident is committed in engaging with others and view Internet as a social space (White and Le Cornu, 2011).  “We are all visitors and residents,” according to Formatjé (2016). Continue reading →

My Digital Identity: A Visitor or Resident?

Prior to this module, I only knew that people either know or didn’t know how to use the internet. It was extremely binary and I had no idea that studies were conducted on classifying people when it comes to using the digital world. White and Le Cornu’s work disputes my opinion, whereby individuals adopt either a digital visitor or digital resident ‘mindset’ when online. To summarise, when an individual goes into resident mode, the purpose is to establish a social presence among others. Continue reading →

Introductory Post

Well, are you a digital visitor or digital resident? According to David S. White and Alison Le Cornu it is said that a digital visitor are individuals who use the internet to complete a set of defined tasks. There is minimal social visibility and they tend not to leave any social footprints behind. An example of this would be, someone searching on how to fix a bike, once they get the particular set of information, they will then go offline. Continue reading →