Notes for Topic 3: Working on the Web

Task – Compare and contrast the benefits/drawbacks of having a single online identity versus multiple personal/professional online identities.

To help prepare your work, check out the materials in the  #FLlearningnetworks MOOC section 2.6 and engage with other learners in the discussions there.

Deadline for posting your answer to the set question is midnight (Singapore time) on 20/11

Deadline for posting your comments is midnight (Singapore time) on 21/11

Deadline for posting your reflection is midnight (Singapore time) on 22/11

Other relevant articles/videos to get you started:

Is online authenticity or anonymity more important?” by Alex Krotoski

To be or not to be? The importance of digital identity in the networked society” by Cristina Costa and Ricardo Torres

Don Tapscott on effective management of talent

How blogging can help you to get a job

BBC videos on building your professional online profile

An update on the infamous Justine Sacco case


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