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ILC celebrates REF results

The ILC (combining Modern Languages and Film) celebrates attaining the fifth best research quality rating in UK Modern Languages and Linguistics

Modern Languages at Southampton are ranked as fifth in the UK for the overall quality of our research out of 57 submissions nationally for Modern Languages and Linguistics. This is according to the Research Excellence Framework exercise, the results of which were published just before Christmas.

Our research quality scored a Grade Point Average of 3.23 out of a maximum possible score of 4.00. We are rated as third in the Russell Group, behind the linguistics groups at Queen Mary (3.58) and Edinburgh (3.29). The other two more highly rated submissions were from Kent (3.24) and Queen Margaret, Edinburgh (3.24) The latter is a specialist Speech Therapy department. The other top 10 submissions were from Queen’s Belfast, Cardiff, Cambridge, Essex and Glasgow, in order of ranking.

84% of our published research was rated world leading or internationally excellent (grade 4* or 3*). We were ranked 8th for these outputs. Our Research environment was ranked 4th best, while our Impact was the 11th strongest.

As a medium sized department, combining ML and Film, we were pleased to be placed in the top 20 ‘power’ ranking, where quality is multiplied by the size of department. Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester, Leeds and Nottingham were the top five on this score, all with more than twice as many researchers returned as ourselves, but all with lower GPA scores.

The full national results have been reported in the press. The results can be analysed in a number of ways and, as in the past, universities and departments are presenting the outcomes in the way that reflects most favourably on the strengths of their submissions.

In our case, we can be proud to have achieved the fifth best research quality rating in Modern Languages and Linguistics in the UK.

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