Postgraduate research supervision

Postgraduate Research Supervision in Modern Languages

The following staff provide postgraduate research supervision in Modern Languages in the areas listed. Please see their full profiles for further information.

Dr Heidi Armbruster: Migration and diaspora studies; intercultural and cross-border neighbourhoods; immigrant identity formation; ethnographic and anthropological fieldwork; nuclear sites and rural communities

Dr Will Baker: English as a Lingua Franca; intercultural communication and intercultural awareness; culture, identity and language; English language teaching and English medium instruction

Dr Lisa Bernasek: Arabic and the Arab and Muslim world; Arab and Muslim communities in Europe; sociolinguistic and ethnographic approaches

Dr Jaine Beswick: Spanish, Galician and Portuguese phonetic/phonological variation and change; migration studies

Dr Aude Campmas: Science and literature; Medical Humanities; norms, family and genders in Francophone literature; decadent literature; contemporary French and Francophone theatre (Wajdi Mouawad, Marie NDiaye)

Professor Marion Demossier: French and European identities; European policy-making; politics of culture and identity; anthropology of France; anthropology of security; Roma; heritage; ethnography

Dr Mark Dinneen: Popular culture and expression in Brazil; contemporary Venezuelan culture; the effects of globalisation on regional popular culture

Dr Laura Domínguez: Generative linguistic theory and language acquisition; syntax, semantics, pragmatics and their interfaces; Hispanic linguistics

Dr Glyn Hicks: Syntactic theory in generative linguistics; syntax, semantics, morphology and their interfaces; English, Romance and Germanic syntax

Dr Julia Hüttner: Second and foreign language learning and foreign language education ESP and EAP settings, looking at genre and discourse analysis as well as the use and learning of formulaic language.

Professor Jennifer Jenkins: English as a Lingua Franca; Global Englishes

Professor Michael Kelly: French cultural history (20th century); history of ideas and intellectuals; relations between Britain and France in culture and ideas; multilingualism and multiculturalism; language policy

Dr Richard Kiely: Language teacher learning from a sociocultural theory (SCT) perspective: understanding how the TESOL imagination is furnished and refurbished in teacher education courses and through work.

Dr Jane Lavery: the works of women writers and artists from the Spanish-speaking world; representations of the body; the multimedia works of Ana Clavel

Professor Laura A Lewis: the history and ethnography of race; Latin America and the Caribbean (including the Anglophone); the slave trade; the ethnography and history of Afro-Latin America and the Caribbean; colonialism, nationalism, migration and transnationalism; globalisation; visual and material culture; U.S. Latinos; gender; space and place

Professor Clare Mar-Molinero: language and migration; transnationalism and multilingualism in particular in the Spanish-speaking world; language policy

Dr Ian McCalltranslation theory and practice

Professor Ulrike Meinhof: Migration and diaspora studies; border studies; cultural identity; discourse analysis; sociolinguistics and pragmatics; media studies; globalisation and the arts

Dr James Minney: regional languages in France, in particular Flemish; non-standard varieties of French; language and identity

Dr Vivienne Orchard: Recent French thought and culture; the history of the disciplines and the institutionalisation of knowledge; theories of national and cultural identity; cosmopolitanism and the post-national; the transnationalisation of ‘French theory’; Derrida; cultural crossing, displacement and dislocation

Professor Mary Orr: intertextuality centred in French and European literary and cultural studies of the nineteenth century to the present. Her research has concentrated mainly on, canonical exponents of the novel and short fiction of the period (such as Flaubert and Claude Simon); the French Novel 19-21c;  travel writing and women’s writing; metropolitan French contemporary women’s writing; literary and artistic representations of mid-nineteenth-century French science.

Dr Darren Paffey: language ideologies; the politics of language; critical discourse analysis; language planning, policy and standardisation within the Spanish-speaking world; migration and language

Dr Adriana Patiño-Santos: (socio) linguistic ethnography; linguistic anthropology; storytelling; multilingualism; intercultural education and intercultural communication

Professor Andrea Reiter: Holocaust and exile literature; Post-War German and Austrian Jewish literature; anti-modernist movements in Austria; Post-War Jewish literature; Monika Maron; narrative theory; Thomas Bernhard; music and literature

Dr Patricia Romero de Mills: Study Abroad; critical thinking, criticality and reflective practice (teaching education). All in Higher Education

Dr Sarah Rule: first and second language acquisition; classroom language learning; language processing

Professor Roumyana Slabakova: Generative linguistic theory and second/third language acquisition; morpho-syntax, semantics, pragmatics and their interfaces; psycholinguistics; heritage language acquisition; Slavic linguistics

Dr Scott Soo: French and European history; the history and memory of immigration, refugees and exiles in France; the internment/concentration camps in twentieth-century France; the history of the Spanish Republican exile; oral history

Professor Patrick Stevenson: German sociolinguistics; language ideologies and the politics of language; language contact and multilingualism; language biographies

Dr Dick Vigers: multilingualism and the mobile worker; language biographies; ‘minority’ languages (particularly Breton and Welsh) in relation to cultural memory, semiotic/linguistic landscapes and migration; historical sociolinguistics

Dr Ying Wang: Global Englishes; English as a lingua franca; language ideologies, identities, and awareness; language policy and English education; English language issues in China

Dr Ying Zheng: Language testing and assessment; psychometrics; quantitative research methodology; learner characteristic; English as second/foreign language test impact; language proficiency benchmarking; Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Dr Karin Zotzmann: intercultural education; foreign language teaching and learning; teacher development; Critical Discourse Analysis; academic literacy/writing