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New publication: How the Press Began by Henry Ettinghausen

Henry Ettinghausen, who joined the Department of Spanish in 1965 and was Professor of Spanish at Southampton from 1983 until he retired in 2001, has just published online How the Press Began. The Pre-Periodical Printed News in Early Modern Europe (304 pages, incl. 90 illustrations, SIELAE, 2015. JANUS DIGITAL, ANEXO 3). It can be downloaded […]

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Media coverage in Mexico for Jane Lavery’s book on Ana Clavel

Dr Jane Lavery’s book The Art of Ana Clavel: Ghosts, Urinals, Dolls, Shadows and Outlaw Desires (Oxford: Legenda) has received further media coverage in Mexico’s leading El Universal. See below for links to the article and an interview with Dr Lavery on El Universal’s TV channel. Estudian la obra multimedia de Ana Clavel La obra […]

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New research repository: LANGSNAP

A new research repository is now available on the research materials page. The 2011-2013 LANGSNAP project tracked the language learning and social integration of 57 students during their Year Abroad in France, Spain and Mexico. With support from Adam Field of iSolutions, and using ePrints technology, we have now created a repository which makes selected […]

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New publication: The Art of Ana Clavel

In March 2015 my monograph on the contemporary Mexican multimedia writer Ana Clavel was published. Writing The Art of Ana Clavel: Ghosts, Urinals, Dolls, Shadows and Outlaw Desires (Oxford, GB, Legenda (Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures, 6) has been a particularly pleasurable experience given that I have had the privilege of having a very […]

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New research stories available

Visit the ILC website to read two new research stories by our researchers: The art of Ana Clavel by Jane Lavery and The ‘international university’ and English Medium Instruction by Jennifer Jenkins    

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New Research Story: Race and Place in Mexico

Until the early 18th century, Mexico and Peru had the highest number of African and African descent people in the Americas. Today, the coastal belt of Mexico’s southern Pacific Coast  – the “Costa Chica” or “the small coast” — contains many historically black communities. Residents descend in part from slaves and free persons Spaniards brought […]

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OpenLIVES project video

      The OpenLIVES project (Learning Insights from the Voices of Emigres from Spain) has digitised and published resources documenting the migration experiences of Spanish emigrés. This video shows some of the work that has been done through this project.

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