Podcasts and Videos

Ute_SmitUte Smit lecture

Professor Ute Smit from the University of Vienna visited the University of Southampton as part of the ILC’s visiting scholars programme from 19 – 25 February 2014. While she was here Professor Smit gave a seminar in the CLLEAR and CGE seminar series entitled English-medium education in multilingual university settings: A sociolinguistic examination of interactive explaining in the classroom. A video recording of the lecture is available here.


ILC SymILC plasmaposium: New Directions for Research in Language and Culture

The ILC held a one-day symposium on Wednesday 6 November 2013 to explore new directions for research in language and culture. A full programme for the day is available here. Video recordings of the keynote speakers can be accessed below.

Professor Charles Forsdick, University of Liverpool and AHRC Translating Cultures Theme Fellow

Translating Cultures: Variations on a Theme

Professor Andrew Higson, University of York

New Directions in Film Studies Research: Changes and Challenges

Professor Susanne Ehrenreich, University of Dortmund

Intercultural communication via English: Which English? Whose culture(s)?


Anne Kankaanranta lecture

Anne Kankaanranta from the Aalto University School of Business in Finland visited the University of Southampton on 12-14 March 2013 as part of the ILC’s visiting scholars programme. A video recording of her lecture on ‘Global communicative competence in business: the role of BELF (English as Business Lingua Franca)’ is available  here.

OpenLIVES Project Video

The OpenLIVES project (Learning Insights from the Voices of Emigres from Spain) has digitised and published resources documenting the migration experiences of Spanish emigrés. This video shows some of the work that has been done through this project.


Michel Leymarie Podcast

The French historian Michel Leymarie visited the University of Southampton on 30 October – 1 November 2012 as part of the ILC’s visiting scholars programme.  You can access a podcast (in French) of a discussion between M. Leymarie and Professor Michael Kelly on the relationship between church and state in early twentieth century France here.


Inaugural lecture of Professor Jennifer Jenkins

Professor Jennifer Jenkins, Director of the Centre for Global Englishes, gave her inaugural lecture entitled ‘English correctly in hundred days. Internationalisation and the English language’ on 16 May 2012. Further information and an abstract are available on the Faculty of Humanities website. Click here to watch the recording of the lecture.


TNMundi project podcasts

These two podcasts were produced as part of the TNMundi project investigating the creative practices of Francophone Malagasy and North African artists. A conference on ‘Music and Migration’ in October 2009 brought together academics and musicians from Madagascar and North Africa, including the acclaimed Madagascar AllStars who are interviewed in these podcasts. A further concert ‘Viva Madagascar’ in June 2012 saw them return to Turner Sims Concert Hall.

TNMundi Southampton event podcast

TNMundi: The Madagascar All Stars in Turner Sims Concert Hall. An audio-podcast by Karen Woods (Made with permission of BBC Radio Solent and copyright  of the BBC.)