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Monthly Archives: November 2014

  • Poster

    I’ve had my poster finished for a week or so now. Took quite a few revisions but I think it has confirmed my belief that I prefer images over words. […]

  • First poster draft: completed

    As the title implies I’ve finished my first draft. Unfortunately playing around with GIMP and inkscape didn’t work as well as power point, so in the end I’ve just used […]

  • Is the web angel or devil.

    Is the web Angel or devil?? Mostly people have used the web as a good way but it could be a way of evil side. It’s good to be share […]

  • Zeroing in on Economics and how Sociology can help

    Airbnb, one of the most successful companies in the sharing economy put forward a report that talks about the positive effects they have had on cities. 550,000 homes are hosted on […]

  • Paul G: A Wikileaks Dilemma…

    Hello, this is my first blog post mostly because every time I go to write this, something, an article, a book etc changes my mind. Here’s small brain dump of […]

  • Nick Bennett: Firm Foundations

    Hi all. Initially I was approaching online gaming from a behavioural standpoint, specifically with regards to anonymity. After reading a number of articles and stumbling upon the widely accepted notion […]

  • Poster Planning

    I haven’t posted a blog post in a while, mainly because I’ve spent most of my time being ill or writing bits and pieces for other coursework. So here is […]

  • Poster & Improving #draft 1

    Have been quite succesful in getting my initial ideas down on paper after getting some good advice, now I need to try crack on with being more critical. I keep […]

  • Finally…….

    Finally made up my mind on the two disciplines to consider after speaking to Seth. Last week, I had made up my mind to look at the chosen topic (Banking […]

  • Comp Sci approaches

    Trying to get to grips with the theoretical approaches adopted in Computer Science. It’s the only discipline I know where page one, chapter one of a core text cites Wikipedia! My […]