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Paul G: A Wikileaks Dilemma…

Hello, this is my first blog post mostly because every time I go to write this, something, an article, a book etc changes my mind.

Here’s small brain dump of thoughts so far:

Over the past number of weeks i’ve been toying with the idea of buying lots of cheap wine to help me get through this. The End.

Ok, I digress, WIKILEAKS,Ā a entity hated by the ‘O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave’ and other state officials around the globe grabbed my attention years ago. This is mostly due to it’s charming talent of bringing out the (typical) worst in Fox News anchors plus the media savvy actions of charismatic leader-in-exile Julian Assange. Through all the extreme right-wing muck (views are my own) , the impact of Wikileaks reverberated across the globe affecting society deeper than we may know. Ā (assumption alert, apologies)

Due to the fascinating impact of Wikileaks, I’ve tried to narrow down my thoughts, to somehow bring this topic to life through two disciplines. I’ve contemplated disciplines ranging from Politics, Media, Computer science and so on, even my question has changed drastically over the last month or so.

I’ve looked into understanding Wikileaks from a political standpoint, from trying to understand how Wikileaks has influencedĀ UK politics or how it’s affected the Open Government initiatives currently being introduced in the US under Barack Obama and acrossĀ the EU. These are just a few I’ve thought about.

I decided to take a step back from being politically inspired with my question and delve directly into how Wikileaks became what it is, what we’ve learnt from it and it’s current & (expected?)Ā future affect on US and EU citizens. I will be taking an approach from Psychology and Sociology disciplines, in particularĀ Social Psychology and Sociological Theory & Methods….For now, I call this, The Wikileaks Effect.


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