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Finally made up my mind on the two disciplines to consider after speaking to Seth. Last week, I had made up my mind to look at the chosen topic (Banking on the Web) from a Psychology and Criminology perspective however it seems the two disciplines are closely related and there is no clear distinction between the two and there is a lot of overlapping between the two disciplines.
Chosen disciplines are Psychology and Computer Science. I have been reading about the seven perspectives of Psychology and they are:
1. Behavioural- This view focuses on observable learned behaviours. It is concerned with how behaviours are learned and reinforced.
2. Psychodynamic- This view emphasizes the role of the unconscious mind and interpersonal relationships to explain human behaviour.
3. Evolutionary- This focuses on how evolution explains physiological processes.
4. Biological- This point of view focuses on the physical and biological basis of behaviour.
5. Cognitive- This places an emphasis on mental processes.
6. Humanistic- This perspective emphasizes the role of motivation on thought and behaviour.
7. Cross Cultural- This perspective looks at human behaviours across different cultures and how our culture influences our thinking and behaviour.
I would be looking at the topic from the Cross Cultural perspective of Psychology.
Self assignment for this week is to read up about Computer Science.

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