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Monthly Archives: November 2014 - 2. page

  • Reminders

    Note to self: Don’t forget to refer to recent surveys carried out by the gaming industry that look at gamer profiles.  The number of female gamers is now very high […]

  • Thoughts on summarisation

    Having had a very helpful meeting with Seth I started finalising my reading of Sociology and Economics. Reading through 2 key introductory text books for each subject helped guide me to where I […]

  • All Day!

    I’ve had my head in this psychology book most of the day.  I’m the speediest reader in the world of students’ work, but I’m b******d if I can speed-read through […]

  • Finally, I got down to some study…..

    Today, I have finally been able to begin my ID study in earnest. I’ve been reading up on psychology – it’s history, the different strands within modern psychology, contemporary research […]

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