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Adriana Wilde

Adriana Wilde, BCompSc, MSc, PGCE, FHEA, MIfL
Adriana Wilde BCompSc MSc PGCE FHEA MIfL

Born in Venezuela, Adriana studied for her B.CompSc. degree at the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV).   She received a “honour mention” for her undergraduate project, “A parallel algorithm for sparse LU decomposition by getting compatible sets” which was presented at the XXI Latin American Conference on Informatics (in Brazil). She taught on a number of computer science undergraduate courses at UCV for six years.

After this, she continued her education in the UK and achieved several teaching qualifications, including a PGCE in Post-Compulsory Education and Training. She was awarded an MSc in Computer Science by the Universities of Berne, Fribourg and Neuchâtel in Switzerland (specialism in Distributed Systems with a minor in Education).  During these studies, she worked as a teaching assistant at the Univesity of Fribourg on the “Computer Architecture” undergraduate course.

Adriana’s M.Sc dissertation, “Activity Recognition for Motion-Aware Pervasive Systems”, was completed during a research visit to the University of Southampton. She is now a PhD candidate in Electronics and Computer Science (ECS) at the University of Southampton, where she also lectures in distributed systems and networks.  Her current research is on the measurable factors for learning success that are common to face-to-face instruction and MOOCS.

Adriana is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has been awarded a 5-year Mayflower Scholarship by ECS.

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