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MOOC Visualisation Interns Week 3 Update


In the beginning of the week I managed to finalise all of the python scripts that I had been working on. At this moment I have successfully produced scripts that filter and visualise the following data:

  • Step activity by day
  • Step activity by time
  • Number of comment replies per step

Additionally, I can export the script generated tables to JSON, although some further work into desired formatting is needed.

From Wednesday onwards we focussed on WAISFest. We took part in Chris’s team and we worked on developing a learner course on Data Science in the form of an iBook. The experience was both enjoyable and valuable as I got to use Google Charts for the first time and I can now successfully visualise data from JSON files which will probably be needed for the main project.

Next week I will use the knowledge I’ve gathered to develop an animated visualisation of weekly activity on Google Charts.


This week we focused more on WAIS Fest. Our group’s topic is Data Science, we developed a tool in Mac iBook which can help people without any relevant knowledge to learn it. We assigned different tasks to each group member. Lubo and me did visualization part. We used UK traffic dataset that Lubo found online. This time we used new visualization tool – Google chart and Javascript. It is very helpful for our project to learn new tool. I learned various experience and knowledge from this activity.

In additional, I tried different ways to improve the efficiency for converting csv into MySQL as well. However, it seems a bit difficult for me currently because of lacking of experience in MySQL. Next week I will read more documents related to MySQL and find some better method to improve it.

In next week, we will continue our MOOC project. We planned to start a initial report, it may be just a simple draft, talking some background of our project. More detail will be discussed in next week.

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