ILC seminar and discussion 22 April: Unforeseen Impacts

ILC research seminar
‘The Ordnance Survey Data Enrichment Project: Unforeseen Impacts and Cross-Disciplinary Research’
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Wednesday, 22 April 2014
4.00-7pm in 65/ 1177


Mary Orr: Welcome/Introduction to ‘Unforeseen Impacts and Cross-Disciplinary Research’
Ros Mitchell: Brief outline defining the initial and developing researcher conceptualisation of FFLOC (Open Access; Research Ethics; Care for the future of the collected Data etc.)
Mary Orr: Webscience DTC and cross-disciplinary research supervision: Meeting Laura German and the importance of the PG Poster
Laura German: What happened next… how a masters’ dissertation became a PhD, became a postdoc project… through a Poster
Initial responses and questions from audience + inputs from Graeme Earl
Laura German: short power point describing how the OS project takes forward the conceptual and research ethics foundations of FFLOC/Webscience PhD + new application to OS data enrichment questions
Ros Mitchell and Marion Demossier: short response to Laura’s presentation to map out possible directions for questions and discussions from audience

Please join us for this discussion session

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