Recent publications from the ILC/Centre for Global Englishes

Researchers from the ILC/Centre for Global Englishes have recently published the following:

Dr Will Baker

Baker, Will, Jenkins, Jennifer, & Baird, Robert. (2014). ELF researchers take issue with ‘English as a lingua franca: an immanent critique’. Applied Linguistics, Advanced Access.

Baird, Robert, Baker, Will, & Kitazawa, Mariko. (2014). The Complexity of English as a Lingua Franca. Journal of English as a Lingua Franca, 3(1), 171-196.

Professor Jennifer Jenkins

Jenkins, Jennifer. (2014) Global Englishes. Routledge.

This is the 3rd edition (greatly revised) of a book originally called World Englishes. It is used as a university course book, packed full of research, is used by staff and PGRs as well as students at earlier levels, and is the market leader in its field. Details at:

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