TNS: Transnational Stories 16 October 4.00pm-7.00pm

TNS: Transnational Stories Wednesday, 16th October 2013 4.00pm-7.00pm Venue: 65/1145

Please join us for our first workshop. After presenting their research our two speakers will lead small discussion groups. There will be wine!

Professor Marion Demossier Following Grands Crus: Global Markets & Wine

The erosion of the ‘natural’ connection between place and culture has taken centre stage in most analyses of a globalised world which is increasingly represented as possessing a culture without space. This talk will question the role of locality through the multi-sited ethnography of a transnational commodity, wine (grands crus). It will ask what do we mean by locality and why does the concept still resonate globally.

Professor Laura A. Lewis Transnational Subjectivities among Young Adult U.S. African descent Mexicans

How do young adults understand and express the state of being transnational? How do the affective and symbolic dimensions of their transnationalism intersect with race and place in the formation of social identities? In this project, I relate such questions to the experiences of young adult African-descent Mexicans living in the United States. In doing so, I call attention to what I believe to be fundamental and formative distinctions between U.S. and Mexican subjectivities.

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